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Huawei Mate 20 Pro Smartphone 128GB, Black - £769 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
This phone is getting very many great reviews and after some serious research I decided to buy it. The phone was £899 only a couple of days ago I see today there is a £130 saving

I wouldn't have a clue.


I mean check prices last few days ago. Like amazon camel


I... what?


do you have price history for argos?


The curved screen was worrying me too .. always like a plastic screen protector on my phone plus one of those flip cases. Might look silly, but I would hate to have to pay for a cracked screen.

Lenovo M10 FHD Tablet - £149.99 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Lenovo Tab M10 Tablet, Android, Wi-Fi, 3GB RAM, 32GB eMCP, 10.1" Full HD, Slate Black£149.99 FHD
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Nope it is more expensive was just asking opinions


Is this a lot better than the Amazon fired hd 10?


The Huawei is not the same price though is it?


As this only has a 400 series CPU, I'd be looking elsewhere. With £150 in my pocket, I'd probably go second hand Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 or Huawei M3. Credit due to Lenovo for at least putting 3GB ram in this particular tablet. Shame they left off a FP scanner.


Bought the Mrs a Mediapad M3 a year ago and its been awesome. It got 1 major OS update and now gets the occasional security update but I don't expect anything more. Build quality, speakers & battery life are all top draw as she regularly gets 7 hours of screen time and no problems with overheating. For me, I'd go Huawei.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 - £229 @ John Lewis & Partners - With 2 Year Warranty
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Octa-core Exynos, Android, 9.7”, Wi-Fi, 32GB, Black or White available 2 year warranty Free delivery or click and collect from John Lewis or Waitrose store… Read more
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So seems like all of these S2 deals are because Samsung are announcing an s5e tablet which is meant to replace the aging S2 and S3. Personally I'd wait for this device instead of buying the s2.


I have the Exynos version (the older 2015 version,) and it's on Android 7, Nougat. No chance of an OS update, but Samsung still push out the odd security patch.


For anyone who has got the SM-T813 model, could someone check if it has support for Widevine L1. This can be done by downloading the DRM Info app ( Might potentially be able to run Netflix in HD if it has Widevine L1 support.


Good point. Might call them tomorrow for clarification.


The specs on the JL website list it as the SM-T813NZKEBTU modal (Qualcomm) but then everything else mentions the Exynos chipset. Can someone who bought it from JL confirm what they modal they recieved?

NOW TV Smart Stick with 2 months entertainment pass - £14.99 @ John Lewis & Partners (instore or £2 C&C/£3.50 Delivery)
LocalLocalFound 13th FebFound 13th Feb
This deal matches the price of the Argos deal recently posted. The NOW TV Smart Stick plugs into your TV, letting you watch great entertainment over your home broadband Wi-Fi. T… Read more

it’s loaded to your account on activation as a voucher that you can use at a later date.


If you’ve previously had an account or passes they sent out emails, with offers. It’s not guaranteed to The Free stick though it’s selected accounts


I’m thinking of trying Now TV once... How can I get the email for free TV stick?


with this, and other Now TV deals posted, can you 'save' the deal and activate it, say, a couple of months later when you'll need it? I'm looking for a Now TV deal for Game of Thrones, but dont want to get it until GoT S8 is aired in UK.


“Re: When will now TV be 1080p ‎16-11-2018 12:16 look like its not happening till next year. if its happened anytime soon then sky q bussiness will be killed badly. then there will be no reason to have sky q when you are getting now tv in 1080p or 1080i. Having it on apple tv would be additional charm.” It’s not bad for that price. Now they also have Offline downloads in mobile apps :D

Nokia 7.1 sim free at John Lewis & Partners - £199 (2 year guarantee)
Refreshed 14th FebRefreshed 14th Feb
Another price drop for nokia 7.1 model at JL Also available for £199.99 from CPW with a good chance of £10 cashback from TCB/Quidco

How good is Argos with regards customer services .. if anything goes wrong ? I know from experience John Lewis is very good


Hmm,might go for the argos Nokia 7 Plus 64GB, i get 10% off making it £206.


Aha great to see! That'll be a the start of a great Sunday morning then :D


Still in stock at £229.95 at Argos, I've gone for one (delivered tomorrow morning 7:00-10:00!).


Try Argos, £229.95

Samsung QE55Q9FN  4K HDR2000 Smart TV with complimentary  Samsung Galaxy S9 mobile £1799 at John Lewis & Partners with 5 year warranty
12/03/2019Expires on 12/03/2019Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Get this stunning Award winning Samsung QLED TV now with even better deal with complimentary Samsung Galaxy S9 phone, perfect combination for someone eyeing both top end TV and pho… Read more

There was an issue with HDR that was fixed by a firmware update about a month after the Q9FN launched in June last year, and he reviewed it again:


It was a Note 9 with a Q9 when I brought mine a month ago. I cannot fault the Q9 (or Note 9) & the operating system on the Q9 if far superior.


The hdr algorithm is atrocious on the q9. Have you seen Vincent's hdtv test YouTube review?


It's not equally as good. The Q9FN can hit well over 3000 Nits. The Sony doesnt even come close to that. Also every rating on that link you quote is higher for the Q9FN. It's very expensive but its often considered the best screen for normal 4K HDR viewing (and gaming) currently on the market.


Check rtings comparison tool. The xf90 is equally as good and half the price.

Samsonite Caphir 4-Wheel 69cm Medium Suitcase, Black/Grey - £94.59 @ (3 year guarantee with John Lewis & Partners) - free delivery
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
For your next work trip or holiday away, this Samsonite Caphir is a must-have. Blending well-featured practicality with timeless classical styling, this comes with a luxurious leat… Read more

Because it's better?


Why would anyone buy this when other luggage is cheaper with a 10-year warranty? John Lewis, reassuringly overpriced.


Good deal, sold out now.


Does this belong to Mary samsonite?

ASUS K570ZD-E4069T Laptop, AMD Ryzen 7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, GeForce GTX 1050, 15.6”, Full HD, Black - £649.99 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Looks like a good deal for the money. Decent graphics card too.
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At £650, it's at a great price for this spec, very in line with other good gtx 1050 deals! Are there a stash of gtx 1050 laptop deals I'm unaware of? You can scroll through the Gtx 1050 deals in the search, and see they're all very similar to this price :)


Since you are talking price point to component ratio, this is still not a good deal compared to other laptops of similar or greater spec. It is a shame you fail to grasp this.


I have a 5% code for the 2 in 1, bringing the price down to around 569, which I will post in the normal morning hours.


whats the fan noise like? One review I read also said that the i7 version and the Ryzen 7 might struggle with the single fan and therefore throttle. Anyone who has it can confirm this?


This hp is now only 599. I feel another deal post coming on haha...

Black White or Gold Samsung Tab S2 8" & 9.7" 3GB 32GB 2048 x 1536 FHD+ Screen 2 Year John Lewis Warranty Inc @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
All 3 colours, reduced by £100 each! Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Octa-Core Exynos, Android, 8", Wi-Fi, 32GB, SuperAMOLED screen, 3GB ram! Black, White & Gold in stock at time of t… Read more



This is a 2015 tablet. Perhaps a 2016 (minor) refresh. It has a very good screen and is still one of the best Android tablets but I think it's a false economy to buy such an old tablet. Samsung abandoned it a long time ago (2017), it will never get Android 8.0.




8 mins after the "free" headphones offer was added to the curry's sales page... which was a price match against the John Lewis price reduction.. I know who most people would rather have a 2 year no quibble exchange warranty with... (y) If you try and ADD the deal and the store has no stock of the AKG's (we tried it in 2 different locaitons) the sku for the single purchase will show and then you have to barter with the manager, to say you have a pair of FREE headphones, which then results in the above conversation taking place.. At no point have I knocked or said do not buy the other deal, I just said, there is NO stock anywhere, other than the ones that hukd members likely reserved and then did not bother buying or forgot about... (ninja)


For watching films and youtube, the speakers are not great and underpowered on the S2. They are are located at the bottom edge, when you are using it in landscape mode, only one side has sound. The S3 has AKG tuned quad Speakers (two on the bottom and two on the top) are so much better.

Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Alexa, 3rd Generation, Black - in stock £29.99 John Lewis & Partners + £2 C&C / £3.50 Delivery
Found 11th FebFound 11th Feb
John Lewis seems to have black in stock...£3.50 standard delivery Echo Dot is our most popular voice-controlled speaker, now with improved sound and a new design compared to … Read more

Me too, but as you know, if you say too much on here or have an opinion from personal use.. it might get shot down in flames! Not knocking the V3's as have them as well, but the V2's just seem better and like you say, the array seems to not need as much clarity in the commands, as the V3 needs 8)


i honestly think v2 has a better microphone then v3, i sold my v3 and opting for a screen echo next due to the annoyance of having to say 'alexa' repeatedly.


Doh, that didn't last long! Oh well...sure someone will have some soon. Expiring...


OOS ;(


that's the one thing I wished they hadn't changed

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB £474.99 Price Match (potential £224.99 John Lewis cashback + Samsung trade-in cashback)
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
This is very similar to the pre-Xmas deals, which included John Lewis price-matches for the S9/Note 9 and £100/£150 cashback respectively from Samsung, so credit goes to those deal… Read more
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I contacted them originally about the trade in deal and replied tge next day, will keep you posted.


Still 475 is less. But, from the latest few comments it looks like they are not doing price match any more for this model...


Sent email twice, but no luck so far...... Already two days are gone...


Same from recent experience


Ken, as other person above said, clearly sh*t themselves when so many pricematch requests came in and decided to first use the software excuse then just stop pricematching them

Samsung Note 9 128GB sim-free £699.99 Possible £459.99 (price-match John Lewis + Samsung trade-in cashback)
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
This is very similar to the pre-Xmas deals, which included John Lewis price-matches for the S9/Note 9 and £100/£150 cashback respectively from Samsung, so credit goes to those deal… Read more

I cant understand why they dont allow u to trade the Samsung S8 in as part of the deal only up to the S7.


Good effort. Have some heat


Wouldn't it be £449.99?


You can get a working iPhone 7 from xs items ebay for £170, trade in value of £230. Saves you £60, but I don't think this is a deal as it stands, unless you have and old iphone 7 plus, that you are currently shifting on. Good bit of detective work though op. (y)


I agree, upgrading from an S6 for example is a better bet as you'd notice the difference more and around £150 for an S6 isn't bad.

Up to 50% off on kids winter wear @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
John Lewis has offer on kids coat.. up to 50% off.

Like the waterproof one but it is out of stock.


I never go with brand name but quality matters..


Still very expensive. I can get better prices on these items even without sale, no John Lewis label though. Primark, Pepe Jeans, H&M and Matalan have year round sale if you look at John Lewis prices.


Great offer.....

All iPads come with 3 year Guarantee until March 6th - Start from £309 at John Lewis and Partners
Refreshed 14th FebRefreshed 14th Feb06/03/2019Expires on 06/03/2019
Not super prices at the moment, so this is more of an FYI, but they might squeeze a couple of discounts in between now and March 6th? If you are looking for an iPad from the high … Read more

We had a problem with an Iphone at JL - Did you know they send them off to another company for a second opinion. After 1 year they will offer a refurb one if found faulty not a new one. If you buy from Apple Direct you will get a UK and Ireland consumer warranty or simething - 6 years. However if you buy an iPencil from Apple, they regard it as battery so after 1 year, tough NOT a pencil!


First time I've had an apple anything. It's great. Dead quick, no glitches like android, good battery and excellent screen I'd definitely recommend it (y)


If her birthday isn't until July, you could wait a month. The new iPads are out in March that'll lower the price of this one and the new one is rumoured to be the same price as this one currently is. If its not the same price, this current one will go down in price anyway Personally that's what I'm doing as it's my partners birthday in a few months and I'm looking to do the same


Looking to get an Ipad for my daughters birthday in July and was going to get a refurb. Do you think this would be the better option - price seems reasonable. Appreciate any advise as I've never had an apple product. She currently has a samsung tab and it's awfully slow, as needs updating I think.


Got mine last week. Space grey for £299. Well chuffed with it (y)

Ring video doorbell 2 at John Lewis & Partners for £149
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
Ring video doorbell 2 with 2 year warranty. Also same price on amazon atm.
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I advise checking instore ... My store said oos online but they had 5 plus instore.... Insist they use that RING10 code too....


but most people are saying currys are primarily oos...


Don't know enough about them, didn't notice the pro bit!


I do agree even I do prefer JL but Currys are offering Chime pro worth £40 with Video Doorbell 2 for £146


Yeah but JL is worth £3 surely?

John Lewis & Partners Long Sleeve Lace Trim Jersey Nightdress, White £8 (£2 C&C)
09/03/2019Expires on 09/03/2019Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
L oads of items on clearance ... (Size 8) Elevate your nightwear basics with our nightdress, made from jersey cotton for exceptional comfort. Irresistibly soft with a s… Read more
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Ooooh sexy.....said no one ever! (lol)


I wanted something like this for Halloween to be the girl from the grudge but couldn't find anything like it at the time. Good price


Prefect for fancy dress



John Lewis & Partners - Baby Duffle Coat, Charcoal - £12 (£2 C&C)
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
L oads of items to clear.... Keep baby cosy, warm and protected with this duffle coat from John Lewis & Partners, made from a lightweight material with a soft and fluffy li… Read more
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yea? where please? they look to be out of stock on John Lewis




Ordered thanks


Probably get cancelled like that clearance cooker (annoyed)


Purchased because I just couldn’t resist a bargain. Now I just need to have a baby and wait 12 months before it can wear it. £14 well spent.

UGG Baby Infant Bixbee Booties, Vanilla - £17.50 @ John Lewis & Partners (£2 C&C)
09/03/2019Expires on 09/03/2019Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
Loads of items reduced to clear... These snug Bixbee booties are part of the infant and pre-walker range from Ugg. Both the upper sole and inner lining of these adorable shoes ar… Read more
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Awww so cute! Ordered thanks


Are they any better than Bixby as a personal assistant?


Omg they are so Cute. Heat (y)

Little Home at John Lewis & Partners - MagicTravel Pillow, Red - £10 Instore
LocalLocalFound 9th FebFound 9th Feb
Was £20 now £10 Our Magic Pillow is truly magic. The perfect companion to pack for their sleepovers, its clever, all-purpose design is a travelling essential. Boasting a soft qui… Read more

Good idea. 🔥


Waiting for the Carpet now that would be Magic.

Fifa 18 Xbox - £11 instore @ John Lewis & Partners instore (Newbury)
LocalLocalFound 9th FebFound 9th Feb
Fifa 18 on Xbox One Reduced to £11 Found in John Lewis Newbury in ‘Reduced to clear’ section. Also had PS4 games Gran Turismo Sport and Knowledge is Power. Both for £11 too. T… Read more

Frozen lollies for everyone in the comments (embarrassed)


A year ago it was a current game! Lol (lol)


About a year ago this would have got heat


I’m going to bring my milk and butter in here. It’s getting very cold.


Was £5 in Asda (shock)

French Connection Ellen Textured Jumper, Dark Grey (plus other colours ) - John Lewis & Partners (C&C £2)
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Add a basic with a twist to your wardrobe with the French Connection Ellen Textured Jumper. This directional piece is the perfect addition to your transitional wardrobe. A soft, … Read more

Hot fit. Hot price. I love it.


Voted hot as there are also plenty of dresses and other jumpers reduced that I've bought. Thanks for the heads up (cheeky)


I love it, thanks op (y)


I think it's meant to be an off the shoulder slouch look. I like that style but each to their own.


Looks like a terrible fit, no wonder it's reduced.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa Hands-Free, Quad-core, Fire OS, 10.1" Full HD, 32GB, with Special Offers £109.99 John Lewis & Partners
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Same price on Amazon and Argos however from John Lewis comes with 2 year guarantee.

It's bad because it performs badly. Lots of lag, general slow performance browsing. I hate even trying to use it after being on my phone because it's so tedious to use. I also installed the Play Store changed the launcher to Nova Launcher set everything to 'Faster than Light' and it was still terrible. I didn't waste too much on it though. £119 and got a 32GB Micro SD and a decent case. If one of those docks comes up cheap sometime. I'll get one and use it in the front room as an extra Echo Show. The reason it costs £109 is because it performs like a tablet that costs £109.


I want this tablet mainly for reading my kindle books. Might even buy the Fire 7 as its only £35


Why do you say its crap? It really depends on what you compare it to or your expectation. I had no expectation the device would be a speed demon, or to play the most challenging games. As a media consumption device, it is fine - nice high res screen. The speakers are pretty awful but any headphones or bluetooth speaker can do better. I use opera as my browser of choice. It is "chunky" and more so with a cover - the amazon covers are great - really protective of the device. I dont mind if the device gets scratched or breaks. If I had spent north of 300-400 pounds, I would worry all the time that I might have overspent. I want a new ipad (I dont need one) - and I can spend 300-1700 (not a spelling mistake !) for one. I would like to root my device, but cant be bothered. (Done it so many times, and its a pain bricking and unbricking your device!) I use my tablet in preference to my better/more expensive other ones, simply because its throwawayable - if it breaks or the battery gives up, I am down 100+ pounds and not the higher value ones. And a replacement is only another 100+ pounds. The Fire7/8 devices really are sub-par. Maybe your fire 10 is the older model? I think the current ones are 2GB RAM. I wish all tablets were at least 4GB - avoids delays when flipping between apps; at 2GB, they have to restart, and you get a big delay in app switching. (Depending on the size of each app). So, I am curious on why you think its bad? (I am not an amazon fanboi or apple etc - each has its place and position in the market; i wish all tablets were half their current prices!)


Thanks. I love and appreciate your thorough response. I think it's time to buy! 😁 (y)


These are crap as tablets, but as an Echo Show with a much larger screen area, they work very well. With a recent software update you can enable Echo Show mode. You need the dock to keep it charging which is an eye watering £49.99. I bought one on a QVC deal for £119 and it never get used because it's absolute crap as a tablet, so much lag it reminds me of a 6 year old Android phone when you couldn't buy any Android device without significant lag. I really really really hate my Fire HD 10 as I've said it's a full on lagfest dung heap of an experience, I won't be paying £49.99 for a dock as I already have a 1st gen Echo Show. However as a cheap Echo Show with a larger screen than any current Echo Show, this is decent. Although it won't have the speaker capability that an Echo Show has. Summary: Buy it if you're in to doing things on the cheap and don't mind regret. Have I said how much I hate mine? I might buy that dock so I can boot it off the dock across the room, it would be worth it. *BAM* have that you laggy cackfest of a monstronsity.

2017 Apple MacBook 12", Intel Core m3, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD £799 John Lewis & Partners
Refreshed 9th FebRefreshed 9th Feb
****Update - 13 Feb 2019 - Red Rose is back to 799£'s and is in-stock online**** Red Rose and Gold, both colours are in stock online. You can also combine it with 18 months intere… Read more
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I’m really not upset or wanting to get into an argument with you. The issue is was it a fault or was it simply broken. I’m happy to let it go, but just so you know, your post was not deleted because of anything I said. I enjoy a good debate and could go on till the cows come home (ask anyone on here (lol) ) As for deleted posts, some days I have more deleted than allowed!


I am sorry I've upset you. HUKD admin deleted my post because it was considered to be off topic and lacking courtesy. I apologise if it read that way but it was not intended. For the record I bought the laptop from the Apple Store. I contacted Apple within 6 years via an appointment and was told to pay £500+ because it was outside of the 1Y warranty. This advice either undermines the Consumer rights act as you've described it, or implies neglect - if "the onus is on me to prove the goods were faulty after six months" then I have by presenting a laptop which doesn't turn on. It doesn't make sense. I understand the concept of returning to point of purchase. How about we drop the conversation because it is not doing any good for either of us.


I am making nothing up. It is critical to your argument where the goods were bought. If you didn't buy from apple but some other source then apple do not have to do anything. You must go to the place you bought it as that is who you have the contract with. IF YOU DIDN'T BUY FROM APPLE THEY DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING. So what you are missing is that your contract is with the retailer you bought from not apple. More to consider (and I'm not making it up) If the goods fail in less than six months the supplier has to prove the goods were not faulty, if over six months old then you have to prove they were. Just because your machine didn't turn on after 5 years doesn't mean it was faulty, you could have simply broken it.


where did you buy it?


Factor out; ownership, where it was bought, checking ownership, when it was bought, whether receipts are kept. All distractions. Assume all boxes are ticked. My question: 2012 MBP > develops hardware defect, not attributed to negligence > approach point of purchase for replacement within 6 year period > quoted £500+ as "outside of warranty" ... = covered by consumer rights act? All I need. No variables.

60 inch LG 4K Ultra HD certified TV with 5 years guarantee. LG60UK6200PLA. Built in Google assistant - £599 @ John Lewis & Partners
27/04/2019Expires on 27/04/2019Found 7th FebFound 7th Feb
Big LG 4K TV but at a budget price. Not the latest LG version but still a lot of TV for the money. Step into the colour brilliance of 4K HDR with LG's UK6200. 4K UHD resolution com… Read more

Probably because not everyone tries to squeeze a 60" TV on a 40" stand. I'm not a fan of huge Tv's hanging over the edge of a stand


Why they make side feet for TVs this size I don’t know...


Got some lackluster reviews


Just hold your phone closer (lol)


Save yourself a fortune, get a VR headset for your phone XD

Bosch MUM59340GB Kitchen Machine Food Mixer Silver with loads of accessories - £234.99 (+£50 cashback from Bosch) @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 7th FebFound 7th Feb
1000W Mixer with the following accessories: 1 x Meat mincer, 1 x Recipe-DVD, 1 x Citrus press, 1 x Accessory bag, 1 x Lid, 1 x Continuous shredder, 1 x Stainless steel mixing bowl,… Read more
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Great product, not so great price. I manage to get this few months ago for £160 (£199 - 20% ebay deal) from Hughes. After that bosch was giving £50 cashback so I paid in total £110 At the time £200 was the price in most of the shops.

JLab Audio Epic Air True Wireless Headphones - £99.99 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
Cheapest previously looks to be £119. You get a lot here for £99 including 8mm drivers and 36 hour battery life. theres also a £49 true wireless from the same brand (JBUDS air) … Read more
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Your comparison doesn't seem to be for these headphones unless I'm missing something.


I think these earphones are midrange sound and aren't going to be a higher spec like Bose or jabras. Remember you get a 2 year guarantee which some earphones last within a year and break depending on how much you use it.


Saving is closer to £20 as AO do them for £119.99 Shame really as the Elite look pretty awesome


These are not the earphones that are shown in your graph, these are not the "elite" model with Bluetooth 5.0 and 38 hours of black. This is the older model. :)


Amazing real wireless hi def kit, no idea, why on earth everyone in "audiophile" world, keeps saying that these are nearly as good as apple air pods.. they blow the air pods out of the water in all aspects, plus they do not look like you have 2 drainpipes hanging out of your ears!! Fab price and tiptop spot! 8)

Samsung RL4362BASL Fridge Freezer, A+ Energy Rating, 70cm Wide in Clean Steel - £718 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
Was looking for a new fridge freezer as we have discovered that the one that we currently have is 2cm too tall for the alcove in our new kitchen (ooops!). This one is effectively … Read more
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Energy consumption and efficiency is ALL about the environment, just sad that so few people link the two. Being a deal site, I focussed on the cost as this seems to appeal to people most - I've seen the state of the tumble dryer threads.


Of course, I just wanted to provide an alternative view. You also didn't mention the environment once in your original post, disguising it as a comment about cost ;)


It's entirely subjective. Some people care about the environment, some people don't. Some people care about running costs, others don't. There are many fridges that are more economical than this and will save a lot of money and reduce carbon emissions. But if it looks nice, many people just don't care. Energy prices need to rise a lot until they do - I live for the day.


I understand what you're saying, and that is great if it lasts 17 years. If it only lasts 10 years then you will have paid £400 more in electricity than one at the better end of the A+ scale. Theoretical figures are fantastic at making the points that you've made, but the reality of how long someone will keep a normal fridge is much different - people get bored, circumstances change, yada yada. These sorts of arguments are great sales tactics, but I'll take the £2 extra per month to have a fridge that I like. :D


I think I love you. AO have also price matched the £589. Thanks (y) (y)

Gran Turismo Sport PS4 £19.99 John Lewis & Partners
LocalLocalFound 5th FebFound 5th Feb
In-store only.



Lol no.


Special edition for same price.


These are lovely boots, they are not foam bottomed ones like traditional uggs but more like proper winter boots. Heat added!


Adults wearing them is stupid - making kids wear them is cruel!


Ugly, ugly, ugly.....




Uggie, uggie, uggie.....

The gro company - Gro clock £15.99 new at John Lewis & Partners  (£2 c&c or £3.50 del)
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
Bought this recently for my daughter, never realised how much of a good price it was at John Lewis! Option on amazon! - £15. 67 second hand at amazon!! Forgot about ordering onli… Read more

My son used to do exactly the same! He is 4 and a half now and still loves getting up at 5:30 but this has changed everything now because even if he wakes at that time he knows not to get up until the sun comes out


This thing is good but my 3yo has already worked out if you press the button it turns orange... trying to persuade her that’s not what she should do isn’t the easiest!!


Wont let me add teh amazon Price match to title :( messages.threadpersistence.error.user_not_allowed_to_modify_thread


Price match at amazon now, was second hand for this price earlier


Same price from boots.

Lenspen Original Lens Cleaner. PlayStation/ all VR headsets £9.99 John Lewis & Partners (£2 c&c or £3.50 del)
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
Online order or Store pickup Do not ruin your VR headsets buying a cheap copy LensPen on eBay! Lenspen Original is a portable, hard-wearing solution to keeping your lenses in the … Read more
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Sorry that's what I was getting at when I said optically neutral. You would just have to fill in the scratch. Me neither but I was thinking of something like that stuff they use to repair 'bullet' holes in windshields with.


In theory, I'd assume that'd work - though it'd need to have the same refractive index as the acrylic - but you'd still have to deal with the missing coating, which has an effect as significant as most scratches. Still, most scratches will just be the coating, rather than the lens itself, and I've never seen any kind of filler like you suggest.


Not that I know for certain but I would have thought it would be possible to get (optically neutral) stuff that fills in scratches?


There are lots of these on ebay for a few pound. All graded for camera lenses. So £10 seems a little steep.


If it was caused by glasses, it's probably just the coating; in that situation you're almost certainly going to make it worse rather than better - especially with something as strong as Polywatch.

Nicolas Feuillatte Starlight Metal Tin Brut Réserve Champagne, 75cl £14 @ John Lewis & Partners (£2 c&c or £3.50 del)
Refreshed 8th FebRefreshed 8th Feb
Seems a good buy An iconic Champagne which perfectly encapsulates the Nicolas Feuillatte house style. Light, fresh and vibrant, it effuses intense, expressive fruit, while extensi… Read more
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If anyone is near JL Cheadle, about 6 bottles left in store.


Thanks. Got a few.


Back in stock online.


Still available in store. At least in Edinburgh.


Bubble trouble!

Tile Pro Series 4 Pack​ with Replaceable Battery Bluetooth (2 x Black, 2 x White) £67.49 (£16.87 each) delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
Refreshed 6th FebRefreshed 6th Feb
Good price for 4 pack works out £16.87 each Amazon & Argos £89.99 for 4 pack Tile Style Pro Series 4 Pack with Replaceable Battery Bluetooth (2 x Black, 2 x White) £67.49 (£1… Read more

It won’t work for tracking your son unless his jumper is near your phone that is


Found these to be a lifesaver when I've lost my keys/ purse/ etc and need to get to an appointment. Someone else also found a lost item of mine the other day - so the system does work. Heat added


After reading most of this thread I'm not sold so for that reason I'm out :D


I think it’s still easy to replace. If it had the risk of running out after a week or two then recharge would be a good addition. You could replace every 6 months though on this and know it wouldn’t have run out. Rechargeable would add bulk to the device. The batteries are really cheap to buy.


Just dont lose your stuff 4head...

Lenovo P10 tablet with Smart Dock speaker - £249.99 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
Lenovo have launched a new range of tablets. The one listed here has 4gb of RAM 64gb storage which is better than most of the other tablets available that have 3/32gb as standard f… Read more

I notice that John Lewis have updated the spec overnight, downgrading it from the high spec 4GB/64GB machine to the lower spec 3GB/32GB one which is available for the same price at Argos etc. I was tempted, but not anymore.


Funnily enough, I thought that it may have been low too actually?. It's a shame though still (considering it's price point ... )


Huh?, how so?. It's a Lenovo Tablet using Google Android. It's not an Amazon Fire Tablet using Amazon Fire OS. So how can it's 'default' be Alexa? (when Alexa is purely Amazon ... ) :-)


Such a shame it's Alexa and not Google Assistant


Yes, but take into account that I have never left a positive review for JL. So there must be hundreds of thousands like me who havent bothered leaving reviews because it is just a normal store I go to to shop. Amongst those exacting customers, sure around 6.5k have left poor reviews (if we presume all of them are bad). Surely 6.5k over many years is a drop in the ocean for how many customers pass through JL. Look at the first bad review today: "hi im rafsha, today i bought iphone x 64gb space grey, then in few minutes later they canceled my order and will refund my money, when i get my money back? I want my money as soon as possible because I want to buy the iPhone X, because on Friday I returned to my home country." I mean is that really negative review? Or someone who just wants a refund the very same day? Which clearly cannot happen. Next one: "I’m also one of the many who purchased the Stoves dual cooker at £180 only to be let down by John Lewis cancelling the order. I could understand if this was a simple price error but this was clearly marked as reduced and showed the price drops so really felt this should have been honoured by a company as reputable as John Lewis." This is just a chancer who is angry that a misprice wasnt honoured.

Garmin fēnix 5S Plus GPS Multisport Watch Silver + FREE Jaybird Tarah Headphones (worth £89.99) - £449.99 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
Currently the cheapest 5S Plus around, and includes a pair of Jaybird Tarah headphones (generally rated upwards of 8/10 everywhere, RRP £89.99) for free when you add both products … Read more

I'm trying to decide between the S and S plus and I think you've just pushed me I to the S. I'm not fussed about paying with it and you're right, I'll have my phone on me on long runs so why bother with music? Most races ban all headphones and some are beginning to ban the bone conduction ones too so I won't need music while racing. Plus if it's a long run I've got OS maps on my phone. Thanks Xenole (y)


I bought a dark grey / black Fenix 3 for around £300 at Xmas (don't like the silver rim that sticks out too much) and it does what I need it to do. Havent really looked at anything beyond running time and distance yet. Mapping might be useful but this like Garmin Pay and music playing isn't worth the premium to me. If I'm running long enough, say an ultra of 50miles, I'll always have my phone with me should I need to listen to music and that's far easier to charge on the go with a powerbank. The S variant is the smaller "girly" type one isn't it?


I like your thinking but I suspect £360 is a tad optimistic based on recent ebay transactions. £50 net of fees looks more like the likely resale value.


Fantastic price, sell the headphones and you've got a 5plus for £360 shame they don't do the x or the standard in black.


I've got the Fenix 5s and it's amazing. I don't use half the features but it looks gorgeous and I love it. Tempted to upgrade!