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Posted 5 March 2023

Johnnie Walker - Green Label - Blended Malt - 15 year old Whisky, 43% 70cl £36 @ Amazon

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  • Johnnie Walker Whisky
  • Original Box
  • 70cl Square
  • 43% ABV
  • Produced in Scotland

Johnnie Walker Green Label is a vibrant and deep blended Scotch crafted by our whisky masters using only single malt whiskies from the four corners of Scotland, each matured for at least 15 years. This rich, multi-layered Scotch delivers a character that can only be delivered with skilful blending. Perfect to be enjoyed at home; neat or on the rocks. A great gift for someone who seeks a whisky with greater complexity and depth of character made only using Single Malt Whiskies from the four corners of Scotland.

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  1. The_Bounty_Bear's avatar
    Used to be a regular £30 deal on this before the cost of living went skyward. I think £36 might be as low as it goes now, given Diageo seems to be increasing prices on all their whiskies and in some cases (like Oban) by huge amounts.

    Cracking whisky though (edited)
    areyousure's avatar
    This was my thinking too. Used to be a no brainer when it appeared at £30, I guess 36 is the new 30 💸
  2. Andysburns's avatar
    Bought at £26 on Black Friday, 2021. Probably not see that price ever again but this is a very nice whisky, beautifully balanced and just the right amount of peat smoke. Of course IMHO. Forget the blending bias, you are buying craftsmanship here
  3. Anthonyuk's avatar
    I bought this when it was £30 and it was nice. But don't think its worth £36 given at the end of the day it is a blend.

    Plus St Patricks day is next week and Amazon always have their Irish whisky's cheap then and there are some amazing Irish Whiskys that are better than this; Connemara Peated for one. I bought this for £26 last St Patricks Day.
  4. Bizmark's avatar
    Rather a younger, naturally presented single malt for around the same price but each to their own.
    oh-yes-oh-yes's avatar
    Aye. I'd much prefer getting the Thompson Bros 6 Year Old Blended TB/BSW 46% or Thompson Bros 8 Year Old SRV5 Blended Malt 48.5%. Both are available at just below £35

    Here's a video about how they blend the SRV5

  5. Jay_dealla's avatar
    Decent price
  6. Rbaj's avatar
    What has been lowest price recently?
  7. johnat107's avatar
    Bought a few the last time it was at £30. Quite enjoyed it. Do I want to pay £36 when the storeroom has about 25 others as good? No. I suppose they'll be doing this to the gold one too and it just sets a precedent. Hold fast!
    Edit. Just seen the Glenfiddich Orchard at £32 and it'll be £12 saved over the 3 I'll buy so I'll check that out. (edited)
  8. dannythemusicman's avatar
    £36 does seem to be the new deal price on this which is a shame as it starts to compete with some other stronger offerings. It was around this price at Christmas but finding stock was problematic.

    Despite blended (get over it…) it’s a nice one this. Hence the price & position relative to the rest of the range.

    Would be purchasing if I didn’t already have one.

    Heat from me!
  9. Tanuki334's avatar
    if not this, what would you get at 35gbp-ish?
    Anthonyuk's avatar
    Auchentoshan any day of the week. Nicest whisky I have had. Any of theirs would be worth considering. The three wood often drops to £35 in sales.
  10. mwarner's avatar
    Not a bad whisky, although I personally prefer the Black to the Green. Its a little peatier than the Black - perhaps half way to an Islay.

    I recently did a taste test with some friends, which included the Black, Green and Blue. The Blue was certainly the most complex and smooth, but we all felt it wasn't worth the money (despite the fact we had all purchased a bottle!). The green was a mixed bag depending on whether people liked the half-peaty flavour and pretty much everyone liked the Black, which we thought was the best value for money.
  11. johnat107's avatar
    The black was on offer at £22 at Amazon the other day which included a tin. Don't know if it's still on though.
  12. Midge's avatar
    Still a great Whisky, even though its a blend.

    Folks are probably correct in saying the £36 is the new £30.

    I like to offer this and Green Spot in a blind taste test to friends, not really fair as its Scotch v Irish but it always brings up interesting results.

    Whiskey/Whisky nights with a few friends are always fun.
  13. Hintza's avatar
    You just need to watch how the age declared whiskies are disappearing to realise there is a huge shortage of aged whiskies at the moment. I succumbed and paid the price.
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