Johnson Baby Cotton Buds - Pack of 6, Total of 1200 £3.60 Amazon - £3.06 S&S - add on item

Johnson Baby Cotton Buds - Pack of 6, Total of 1200 £3.60 Amazon - £3.06 S&S - add on item

Found 19th Dec 2017
Potentially £3.06 if you unlock 15% off
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Great deal
Good deal. but these aren't what they used to be anymore.
I've switched over to some home bargains own brand ones and I must say, they are on a par with the old "model"!

Haven't voted either way, because people always love their brands, so this is a good deal.
Super deal! My daughter uses these about 20 at a time. She’s always cleaning out some oriface. 1200 might last her two weeks if I’m lucky. Lol! Thanks for posting.:D
They show the old blue ones in the picture, but ship the new flimsy ones!
Those new white flimsy ones are a joke! They bend with the lightest pressure!
I complained to J&J about the new ones being so bendy & they replied that they did it 'cause dopey folks kept flushing the blue plastic ones down the toilet so they switched to white paper ones rendering them totally useless in my opinion.
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They're bendy and baggy now.. heat added though x
32816063-9BG0J.jpgToo many cotton buds are ending up in oceans. Other brands now have strong card bud stems, hopefully Johnson will improve theirs soon (without reverting back to plastic).
Heat added but have to agree with previous comments. They have replaced the blue plastic with a white paper stick. Very good they have replaced them as obviously there are a load of incredibly dumb people in this world that cannot discard of them properly and the world cannot cope with that much plastic if they did anyway. However, I wish they would have come up with somthing slightly better than the paper option........but maybe there just isn't.
Maybe somebody needs to design one where you can keep the stick thing and replace the bud only! 😁
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