Johnson's Baby Shampoo and bath 500ml at 97 pence from £2.98@ Wilkinsons

Johnson's Baby Shampoo and bath 500ml at 97 pence from £[email protected] Wilkinsons

Found 6th Sep 2010Made hot 6th Sep 2010
A very good deal I should say, especially for those who got kids who empties shampoo bottles down the drain every often! Huge 500mls bottles of Johnsons Shampoos and baths, just for .97 pence. Shampoos down from 2.98 and baths down from 2.37. It is 2.99 @tescos, £2.68 @ at asda. and 2.99 @sainsburys. I found this deal in thornaby Shopping centre and grabbed few of them. Sorry, I couldnt find offer for shampoo online, but i will give the link for the bath. I am not sure if it is nationwide, but sinc ethe deal is there on the site, I guess it should be... There were huge amounts of it still left instore...go and grab it before it runs out....BTW, This is my first post, So i am not sure If I am missing anything. Posting here as I don't want anyone to miss it.


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Eeeks...the link doesn't work!!!

bargain thanks

Mackokoma what is in the tube.

yeah, just let them run feral in the garden instead and hose them down once a week

Great price, ordered a batch for my first grandchild to be. Free collection from local store.

Can't find the 500ml shampoo. Does anybody have a direct link please? Thanks

Original Poster…%3D :this link is for the bath....dono for the shamppoo..

Thanks for this great deal! It was featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!
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