johnsons baby wipes - two packs for £1 @ Morrisons

johnsons baby wipes - two packs for £1 @ Morrisons

Found 16th Sep 2010Made hot 17th Sep 2010
My local morrisons doing two packs of Johnsons baby wipes for a pound. The amount of these things my missus uses, this is my favourite deal of the week!


would help to put the price & shop name in the title!

johnsons baby wipes 2packs for £1 @ Morrisons


Good deal thanks

these clean quite alot of stuff. Cookers, cars, bathrooms, fridges, they clean loads and normally are cheap

Buy the Tesco Value ones for her they are 22p a pack and are still wet and can be used to wipe anything lol!

Excellent price. Bought the Tesco own brand for the daughter to take to uni, she said I shouldn't have wasted my money.


Bargain price for a v good brand of wipes, thanks jonytboy

i find the problem with the tesco's ones is you go thought he pack very quickly as you can never get just one out they come out 4 or 5 at the time. so usualy go for johnsons or pampers. so this deal is good

Just come back from mine, and the Lynn one is about the biggest there is and there was no bogo on them in there they are just £1 a pack.

Very hot if true!
We use these wipes and haven't managed to get them any cheaper than the Sainsburys half price event yet

Exactly the deal needed after Wetherspoon's Curry Club on Thursdays :-D

Not in my local Morrisons :-(

tesco is better on huggies wipes they are £2.40 for 3 packs

This must be an error in your store as there only supposed to be on for £1 a pack not bogof as well good if you can get them but not every store.

Yep, down from £2.39 to a £1 in Morrisons, not 2 for £1. Which is still a pretty good deal.
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