Johnsons Holiday skin Body Lotion (night) 27p @ Morrisons

Johnsons Holiday skin Body Lotion (night) 27p @ Morrisons

Found 7th Jun 2011Made hot 7th Jun 2011
Other half noticed this while in Morrison's for 27p usually sells for around £2.45. Bought 2 and went through at price shown on SEL

Don't know if store specific or pricing error?


voted hot , i will check in my local morrisons and update x

great price

That is an excellent price if Nationwide as these are usually in the £1 shops......but not for 27p. have put some on this morning, though they aren't usually very effective on my whiter than white skin. Tends to go patchy on me after about 4 days of applying daily without seeing any change.

Probably an overt way of informing us the weather will nae get better!

Great price, I love using this stuff as it actually works, not too keen on the smell of it but defo gives a holiday glow! Easier way to get the holiday tan since the weathers crap!
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