Johnstones Cova Plus  white vinyl emulsion 3 x 10 litres  Tubs £72

Johnstones Cova Plus white vinyl emulsion 3 x 10 litres Tubs £72

Found 17th Jun 2015
Johnstones currently have a special offer on their Cova Plus White vinyl matt Emulsion 3 x 10 litre tubs for £72 inc Vat.
I am fairly sure they are also doing the 5 Litre cans for £12.50 inc vat but again you have to buy 3. This paint is about as good as you can get for a white emulsion and at these prices doesn`t cost much more than the cheap diy stuff you get in B&Q or Homebase and unlike the recent B&M deal its an in-stock item at most of the Johnstones Decorator centres.
I bought 6 x 10 litre tubs today for £144 and am well pleased as my daughter has just bought a 3 bed semi, so thats the ceilings taken care of and the kids bedroom walls (one wall gets a themed paper) and there will be enough left over for me to keep 2 tubs in stock. As long as its not subject to extremes of temperature this stuff will keep for a few years.
The offer ends this saturday lunchtime mmmm I think I will go get another 3 tubs, seriously stock up on this if you do your own decoratin (or like me the familys as well)
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my favourite paint, it saves so much time on not needing two coats. love it.
Really good post Op. Bought some the other day. Totally agree the paint is easily applied and excellent finish heat
A decent trade quality paint, at a very good price.

Voted hot.
brilliant paint this,cheers op
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