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Posted 2 March 2023

Johnstone's matt Wall & Ceiling paint £10.50 Clubcard Price @ Tesco

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Johnstone's matt Wall & Ceiling paint £10.50 with Tesco clubcard.

Brillant White or Manhattan Grey.

National deal.

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Johnstone's Matt Emulsion provides a smooth, rich and non-reflective finish, perfect for a contemporary look and to hide surface imperfections

Johnstone's Wall & Ceiling Paint Matt offers a range of rich and concentrated colours that have been expertly coordinated to provide a smooth, non-reflective finish for interior walls and ceilings.

Fantastic coverage, Easy to apply, Available in a wide range of colours

Pack size: 5L

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  1. smokedsausage's avatar
    Johnstone TRADE is completely different probably one the best trade paints out there far superior to Dulux trade and crown trade
    Johnstone trade centre excellent colour matching any colour brand. State of the art.
    They will deliver free for most or even paint shed online if no JDC nearby.

    JDC would also offer the cheaper Johnstone owned trade brand Leyland Trade, (not Leyland )

    If your on a budget it's not too bad. Both far superior to the retail Dulux/ crown range of paints in homebase etc

    P and D 30 yr.
    fluffycabbage's avatar
    Ohhhh, maybe thats what I bought before. Damn... we have all the trade centres here, and that's where I normally go for my paint. Hmmmm. (Ps thanks for the professional insight!)
  2. volcanic-dust's avatar
    It’s like water tbh, good price but with painting I find it’s better value to go for a paint with better coverage and do fewer coats.
    fluffycabbage's avatar
    Yeh its not amazing but a couple of coats does it over a light base. I usually use either dulux trade diamond, or dunelm (that's lovely paint!) But as I'm on a budget with horrible magnolia, it's a good option
  3. F1clio's avatar
    I just used this paint last week and the coverage was fine, painted over very dark grey (almost black) so I knew it would take a few coats, it was mostly covered after 2 coats. I ordered on Amazon, they have a voucher available which makes it the same price as this (edited)
  4. troublesome1's avatar
    Manhattan Grey is a nice colour - I used it in my living room and hall last summer - but the paint is a bit thin. The outer edges of walls show it the most and I wouldn't buy again. Dulux "tough and washable" for me!
  5. how2's avatar
    Johnstones Wall & Ceiling Paint Matte Grey 5L
  6. bbbazman's avatar
    Ohhh long Johnstone.
  7. DJBowl's avatar
    Buying cheap paint is such a waste of your time.
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