Join camra for free via Wetherspoons

Join camra for free via Wetherspoons

Found 20th Sep 2009
If you join camra via the Wetherspoons website they will give you £20 of real ale vouchers.Membership is from £14, however £20 for most people, so it's basically free.
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sois 14 pouns or 20 im confused and what are the voucheres 4
Single membership Direct Debit Non-DD
Single membership £20 £22
Under-26 or over-60 single membership
Joint membership*
Joint membership (add £5 for a member at the same address or add £3,
if he/she is under 26 or over 60). Please note: to qualify for concessionary
do you get a free Arran sweater and a big beard so you can blend in with the Real Ale crowd? I pay £20 (direct debit repeat subscription) and get £20 in vouchers.........not sold so far, are there any benefits of being in CAMRA?

Or I pay £22 non direct debit and get £20 in vouchers
Also a list of other benefits…nus

Looks like its £20 of 50p off weatherspoon vouchers. So depends if you spend a lot of time in weatherspoons.
JD Wetherspoon has kindly agreed to supply all new and renewing members £20 worth of JD Wetherspoon real ale vouchers as part of their CAMRA membership package!

This new benefit will only run for 12 months and is a ‘thank you' from JD Wetherspoon to all our members and prospective members for their support in the past.

The vouchers will be sent to you in the post automatically when you join CAMRA or renew your membership (whether by cash or DD payments) anytime on or before Saturday 31 October 2009. Members will have approximately a year to spend all of their vouchers.

The vouchers are split into 4 sheets of ‘50p off a pint units', with each sheet having a 3 month deadline. Only one 50p off a pint voucher can be used per visit.

There are two reasons for these conditions -

1. CAMRA promotes responsible drinking and if we supplied £20 worth of vouchers that could be used in one visit to the pub, then this could be seen to not support this policy.

2. This offer is obviously very generous from JD Wetherspoon and they feel this scheme will encourage people to visit a number of their fantastic pubs across the UK throughout the 12 month's of their CAMRA membership.

The idea of this added benefit is very simple and good fun. Put the vouchers in your wallet / purse and use them when you are near to a JD Wetherspoon pub and fancy a nice pint of cool real ale!

Please note:

Joint CAMRA memberships will receive only one set of vouchers.
Camra Membership Benefits

Exclusive members newspaper - 'What's Brewing'
A monthly colour newspaper informing you of beer and pub news and detailing events and beer festivals from around the country.

Exclusive members magazine - 'BEER'
A quarterly copy of the magazine ‘BEER' which is packed with superb features on pubs, beers and breweries.

Free / Discounted entry to over 150 beer festivals
Free or discounted admission to the 150 + beer festival that CAMRA organise, including the Great British Beer Festival.

Branch Social Activities
CAMRA is organised into 200 branches that cover the UK. Each branch runs a variety of socials events for their members.

Active Campaigning
Have the chance to campaign to save pubs and breweries under threat of closure, for the right to receive a Full Pint and a reduction in beer duty that will help Britain's brewing industry survive.

Discounted Membership of the CAMRA Beer Club
The CAMRA Beer Club has been set up to provide a home delivery service to enthusiasts. All CAMRA members receive a £5 discount on each mixed case of 20 beers. More information

Book Discounts
CAMRA produce a variety of books every year and as a member you are entitled to discounts on all of the books we produce including CAMRA's best-selling, annual Good Beer Guide.

Additional Promotions
CAMRA is always looking to improve the benefits that our members receive; for example we run a number of Complimentary Clubs for our members.

So why not join today? You will be helping to actively support the British Brewing and Pub industry as well as enjoying the benefits of CAMRA membership.

Bryan (A non-bearded, non-wooly jumpered member for 30 years next month)
Not sure how CAMRA and Wetherspoon go together!! Wetherspoons can make what should be a lovely ale taste c**p, still its cheap c**p!

do you get a free Arran sweater and a big beard so you can blend in with … do you get a free Arran sweater and a big beard so you can blend in with the Real Ale crowd?

Where have you been for the last 20 years? Suppose you think lager is beer do you?
Good deal. CAMRA campaigns for lower tax on beer and supports the pub trade. We all have pubs closing down around us and the pubs serving real ale are of a higher standard and lower priced. Support em in real terms it costs nothing if you use Wetherspoons.
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