Join Emmas Diary and get £40 worth of Argos vouchers plus many more money saving offers (for mums and mums to be)

Join Emmas Diary and get £40 worth of Argos vouchers plus many more money saving offers (for mums and mums to be)

Found 15th Dec 2008
Join today and get:
* £40 worth of Argos vouchers, plus many more money-saving offers from the top mother and baby brands.
* Free bags of goodies - you can pick one up at your local Lloyds pharmacy in the UK and Ireland in exchange for an Emma's Diary claim card.
* The chance to enter fabulous weekly and monthly competitions.
* Forums where you can chat with thousands of other mums and mums-to-be.
* Regular emails from Emma's Diary keeping you up to date with products and services you might like.
* Plus lots of other exciting offers.

Mums and mums-to-be like you deserve to be treated! So register your details and we'll treat you to exclusive free gifts, special offers, competitions and info matched to your age and stage, not to mention £40 worth of Argos money off vouchers!
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signed up, thanks x
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Lisa-Marie A;3769096

signed up, thanks x

this is a real good sign up as i had great goodie bags with my kids and now i posted this as they are giving £40 worth of argos saving vouchers which is even better
signed up how do i get he vouchers

signed up how do i get he vouchers

My wife had a card that came attached to the Emma's Diary booklet in the pack her doctor gave her. She then just took it to the local Lloyds Pharmacy and exchanged the card for the pack.

If it's the vouchers that we got on Saturday, then it's an Argos leaflet with all their baby range in and the vouchers are things like £10 off travel systems when you spend over £150, £5 off x when you spend £100 etc...but they all expire in January, which is ok unless you're expecting much later...:whistling:

The best thing in the pack was a bottle of peartiser and FQ mag for Dads...I think my wife ended up with 2 small skin cream samples :-D

signed up how do i get he vouchers

you should get them in your packs
i sign up with them in summer and nothing receive in post
Signed up thanks.
DON'T i have just had a baby and signed up, they phone me at least once a week and send me soooooo much **** through the post, all i got was a few ****** samples that werent worth having anyway.
Thanks. Just passed this on to a friend who is due in March.
This a waste of time. The bag contains a couple of ****** samples, tons of leaflets and you have to spend a fortune in argos to use the vouchers.
I used to work in a call centre who used "warm calling" to sell insurance, it was basically cold calling, but the numbers had come from various companies who sold customer names and numbers rather than from the phone book. Anyway, I'm not sure if this is still the case, but Emmas Diary was one of the companies who provided customer details. This meant that women who had signed up to Emmas Diary would get called by the company I worked for and offered all sorts of random insurance. I would imagine that several other "warm calling" companies used the same list.

Anyway, unless they specifically have a "tick this box and we will never contact you" bit when you sign up, I'd avoid them.
hi everyone

Don't bother the bags are not worth it. You get inudated with phone calls from photographers etc.

Not great when you have just had a baby.
i signed by a few weeks back gave them a fake number so they wont be ringing me. Not the best freebies and the argos vouchers arent worth it unless you was going to buy the stuff anyay.
Emma's Diary is a load of rubbish, you get a couple of ****** free samples through the door (ie sachet of baby oil etc) and a tonne of paper adverts for every baby gadget and product under the sun - and they badger you for years to come!! Avoid is my advice.:roll:
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