Join My Waitrose for FREE Samples and Vouchers

Join My Waitrose for FREE Samples and Vouchers

Found 7th Apr 2009
Waitrose is committed to bringing you the best quality food and their reputation has been built, above all, on the quality and freshness of their food. Waitrose invites you to taste new things and tell them what you think, and talk about what's going on in your kitchen. Join My Waitrose to receive FREE samples and vouchers from My Waitrose.
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sounds good,

thanks for sharing

Welshy x
Do they automatically email offers/vouchers or send samples etc once you've joined, or do you have to request ? I've signed up and still got nothing (yet!).

Charlie Brown
Thanks very much!
thanks. heat added
I signed up and this month got a voucher to put £2 towards pork belly. Didn't manage to use it before it expired though so do check the dates on these things...
£2 off a Waitrose porkbelly?

Probably still more expensive than Sainsbury's Finest...?
nice. love waitrose
pinkmelons finds the best stuff! cheers once again:thumbsup:
I love shopping at Waitrose - a civilized way of shopping - no pushing, shoving, getting your heals clipped by a trolley. Actually, I seem to spend less in Waitrose than I do at Tesco. I think its always worth checking the deals.
thanks for the deal but I personally I prefer morrisons, the chavs there are so stupid and awful, their entertaining
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