Join Swapitshop for Free!

Join Swapitshop for Free!

Found 29th Jun 2011
Basically a mini-ebay for kids but safe, fun, and dosen't involve money!
Heres how to join and how it works (off the website):

New to Swapit?

Where have you been? You've been missing out on all the cool stuff you could have owned by now! Not to worry though, we've made you a small checklist that'll help transform you into a Swapit guru in no time!

Step 1: Sign up!
If you haven’t got one already, sign up for your free Swapit account!
Simply go to, enter your particulars and hey presto. Make sure you enter your details correctly though, amigo, as any items you will win will be sent to this address.

Join Swapit - it's easy and free!

Step 2: Earning Swapits
You can earn shiny swapits by entering competitions, completing treasure hunts and filling out surveys. You can also bump up your swapit-balance by trading stuff you don’t want anymore.

For more info on the best ways to bag bonus swapits, check out our handy ‘Earn Swapits’ guide, here.

Step 3: Bidding
Bagged yourself some shiny swapits? Then it’s time to start spending - woohoo!

Get started by browsing the ‘Ending Soon’ page and the ‘Swap Zones’ to familiarise yourself with the site and get a feel for what’s going down in Swapit Town. The ‘Ending Soon’ page is especially handy if you don’t have a specific item in mind. If you do know what you’re after, search for it the search box. Remember though, sometimes people name items slightly differently, so it’s better to keep the search terms quite general (i.e.: if you’re looking for Wii Sports Resort Special Edition Import from Guatemala, just search for “Wii Sports” or “Wii Sports Resort”). Geddit? Good.

Then once you find the item you want, get bidding!

For a detailed guide on how to bid, check out our handy ‘How to bid’ guide, here.

Step 4: Swapping an item
Tired of staring at your old toys, unwanted Christmas presents or a bunch of stuff that’s been sat in your cupboard for donkey’s years? With Swapit you can find new homes for items you don’t want and earn swapits to spend on items you DO want!

Swapping unwanted items is probably the fastest way to pocket yourself a large amount of swapits – so it’s definitely worth getting on the case!

For more info on how to swap, check out our handy ‘How to Swap’ guide here.

Step 5: Posting your Swap
Posting stuff can be confusing if you’re not sure what to do, how much it weighs or how many stamps to use. That’s why we’ve made it super easy for you!

Check out our ‘How to post a Swap’ guide, here and you’ll be clued-up in next-to no time. So clued-up, in fact, that you’ll know you can pocket 15 easy bonus swapits for each Swap we receive from you within five days of the auction ending! Yep, it’s a fact.
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Hope you like this!!!
utter pish site
what people offer and what they say you can get is just pathetic lies.
a poor mans saturday morning swapshop
So if its a mini ebay is it children swapping stuff, if so im out.
I used to be a member when i was a kid, you are honestly better using ebay or another site, in order to get anything you actually want you need to have loads of swapits otherwise you cant get anything good, you also need to pay two lots of postage, one lot so it goes to the swapitshop centre and the other so they send it on to the winner.
i was a member of this years ago - it was really really good - you could get loads of free point through schools and magazines, then you bid your points to 'buy' things other folk were selling, so rather than cash it was points you traded.
then about a year after it started people really were posting rubbish things and wanting huge amounts of points so i dropped out - it's meant to be as safe as ebay but without cash - but remember if your kids are posting something they've 'sold' they need the cash to pay postage...
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