Join the Pet Owners Association and Get a FREE PooPac

Join the Pet Owners Association and Get a FREE PooPac

Found 20th Sep 2008Made hot 20th Sep 2008
Pet Owners Association is an online community for pet owners, pet service providers and anyone who is interested in pets. Everyone who registers will receive a FREE gift of a PooPac which holds poo bags for your dog. So, please sign up and enjoy the benefit of this FREE gift worth £4.99!

Plus, what accidents and injuries have you suffered, caused by your beloved pets?
Have a good old whine and moan and tell us your confessions...only in the Pet Mag! Take a look.
Come and join us today and have YOUR say!



Good for most of your posts!

Thanks for this.

this is a sh*t deal!!! heat and rep added ;-)

Original Poster


Good for most of your posts!

you just here to wind me up?

:thumbsup: Cheers, joined the wife up :whistling:



Good find, heat added. Anyone had theirs come through?

thanx got a new puppy and it may come in handy


Been wanting a Poopac for ages!! I can do my business anywhere now!

the bag is two small a polo mint only just fits it never mind the poo
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