Join WHSmith Privilege Club

Join WHSmith Privilege Club

Found 19th Mar 2010
I found this one while buying magazines instore. I was told by the shop assistant that it was only an online deal but the leaflet I picked up says you can fill out the form and post it instore.

When you sign up you get £20 worth of vouchers via email when you join and an additional £10 of vouchers every month. It's a great one if you shop in WHSmith quite a lot. The vouchers also last longer than the normal instore vouchers.


This replaced their loyalty card. They do send vouchers occasionally, by email, as you say, which means you have to print them off but if you go there a lot it might be worth it.

The whole £20 worth isn't quite as good as it sounds because its usually specific things like kids books which you might not want.

It is totally free though so if you have a printer and can be bothered, go for it.

thank you!

Thanks just joined :thumbsup:


thanks, joined

it's free so what have you got to loose

Original Poster

My thoughts exactly


hot thx

Ivonne, put those vouchers to good use and make your first purchase a dictionary.:giggle::giggle::giggle:
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