Jonagold Apples 29p per pound at Morrisons

Jonagold Apples 29p per pound at Morrisons

Found 16th Feb 2009
Been shopping at Morrions today and Jonagold Apples were 29p per pound (sorry but we're more used to pounds and ounces so didn't notice what the equivalent kilo price was). An excellent price for a decent apple - much cheaper than most of the others.
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I bought 7 of these earlier, cost a pound,(similar to other apple deals) but they are huge apples.
Mine taste fine and are nice and juicy.
trouble is ~Morrisons scales are weigh out pun(intended)

Try getting 1 pound at scales and then at checkout you get charged 42p or 63 p

Have often wanted to get on phone and report them to weights and measures, they do have a sticker next to scales to tell you scales estimate only but ffs it is still illegal.

The apples are OK and have bought and wasted loads of them at that price.
I bought some of these a few weeks back when they were more like 60p a lb (still half the price of other apples) and ate one but left the others. I dodn't like them. I did think about using them in a cake but was too lazy. At 29p/lb it worth a pop, especially if you've never tried them, but they are not to my taste.
Cheaper in Tesco
Morrisons price at 29p/lb is 64p/kg
Tesco they are 17p/lb (37p/kg )

I always fin Sainsburys basic apples loose are always Jonagold same sort of price as Morrisons 63p/kg
Sainsburys bought some today - fabulous apples 63p per kilo
1 pound is 454gr, which means same price as 29p per pound
I am buying it from Tesco for last 6 month for around 60ppkg. They are really juicy.
yep Tesco have been selling these really cheap for over a year now. (one of their real price cuts unlike the thousands of price hikes)) As said above they are always really big but still a really big saving. I normally get about 8 for around 60p

voted hot- good if you haven't got a T
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