Jonah Hex (DVD) - £3.99 @ Amazon & Play
Jonah Hex (DVD) - £3.99 @ Amazon & Play

Jonah Hex (DVD) - £3.99 @ Amazon & Play

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1970s-era DC antihero Jonah Hex makes his way to the big screen as co-screenwriters Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (Crank, Gamer) team to follow the disfigured gunslinger and part-time bounty hunter on his biggest adventure yet. Supernatural elements combine with Western aesthetics to take viewers on a wild and bloody ride, with Josh Brolin leading the way as Hex and John Malkovich stepping into the villainous role of Turnbull. Jimmy Hayward Horton Hears a Who! directs.

Jonah Hex mixes breathtaking action with endless drama in an enjoyable Hollywood blockbuster. Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex infuses a cool-as-ice lead character with the patented Clint Eastwood gruff. Also featuring the likes of John Malkovich, Megan Fox and Michael Fassbender in supporting roles, there is certainly no shortage in A-List talent on screen. Sit back and enjoy!


good price but a terrible film

awful film if you must get it wait til it goes cheaper which wont be long

So bad it's untrue..

Megan Fox, you ought to play to your strengths - You can't act, so at least show your ar$e.

I liked it

bloody awful movie, wouldn't wast 1p on it

Watches it 2 months ago and it was the biggest pile of Blank I have seen in some time, Dont waste your pennies

heh ive seen much worse films, but its not really very good. The plot is disjointed and even more shallow than you think a plot can be. That's much worse than megan Fox trying to push her chest out.

only good thing is megan fox and she had to go spoil it by acting in it.

i thought it was a good film


i thought it was a good film

You were Drunk that night......remember.....:p

Based on a great 70's DC comic. Apart from the name and some of the look of the character though that is as close to the stories as it got Instead of another Unforgiven we got a Wild, Wild West. Shame as it could have been a good franchise.

Just a plain bad film. Nothing redeeming about it whatsoever.
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