Joop Homme Eau De Toilette 125Ml Spray £17.33 @ Tesco

Joop Homme Eau De Toilette 125Ml Spray £17.33 @ Tesco

Found 31st Jul 2016
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not bad. Shame no codes to get a £2 off it
Not bad if you want to smell like a desperate teenager!
This brings back some memories, can't believe you can still buy it..
Whoever buys this horrendous junk needs to see a doctor.
I remember wearing this in 1994
didn't know the lead singer of queens of the stone age had gone into the after shave business
A vintage fine wine does not stop being fine with age , it is just you need a discerning pallet to appreciate the quality.

There is a reason original Joop will always be around because as it is distinctive and smells quality. I have seen Amazon sell it for less , if you want to wait for special deals.
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