Joop! Homme - fragrance/shower gel/shaving balm - £12.23 in boots

Joop! Homme - fragrance/shower gel/shaving balm - £12.23 in boots

LocalFound 20th Jan 2009
i've been away a few weeks so this might have been posted... i have searched!

Just been instore at my local boots and the Joop! homme gift sets are half price

75ml aftershave spray
50ml aftershave balm (a very good balm)
50ml shower gel

for £12.23
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Which store mate? Just tried my local one and they had none in stock and was showing up at £27?
Fenchurch st in London,

They had a shelf allocated, and a printed 'deal' sign

It all scanned through the till but there's no item code, just says;

Joop! Homme GS 24.47, NOW 12.23
SAVING 12.24

Barcode is 3 414202 907055 if that helps
cheers buddy i will go in there on saturday, its only a small one where i live so maybe i gotta go to a bigger one to get the deal, or maybe people in london dont like joop so excess stock
yeah probably just excess Xmas stock but Joop! is so widely available most stores must have some.
do you fancy going to get me one and posting it up lol
Sounds like a good deal - will check my local store tomorrow. Heat added. :-)
what a great deal!! great bday pressent, wil have to go check my local stores!!!! thanks for that!!
Great if you want to smell like a tart's handbag. Can't believe they still make this vile stuff.
they got in stoke-on-trent and i love the smell of it aswell as when its on my hubby . great post thanks
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