Joseph Joseph Arena Dish Drainer, Green £19.00 Amazon

Joseph Joseph Arena Dish Drainer, Green £19.00 Amazon

Found 14th Feb 2012
Good price for this item but I also enjoyed this review on amazon.
I am skipping over why exactly my husband thought this was an appropriate christmas present (clue - it was cheap in the Amazon Black day sales) and can absolutely say my dislike for this product is in no way the result of the huge grudge I am harbouring... but this item is awful.

I am sure it's quite a funky item for some young hipster living in a kitsch flat in London who has a cleaner paid for by daddy who comes in three times a week; for the average family and for the price paid (even in the sale)it just doesn't work. The main fault is that it is just too small and requires too much forward thinking if you want to fill it properly. You have to really jam plates in to get them to stay upright and there's no space for the amount of glasses and cups we generate as a family of three. Most days we just end up with a precariously stacked mountain of stuff which turns drying up and putting away into an exciting game of plate Jenga. Added to that the water doesn't drain out completely, who needs a dish drainer that you have to continually clean to stop bits of gunk forming in the channels?

Having said all that he did manage to match the it to the colour of my mop bucket. I am buing him a washing up bowl for his birthday.
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lol @ review. An ex gave me an ironing board once as a gift, I made him remove it from my house that minute
Glad to hear he is now an ex. Hope you do better than an ironing board. I've been told Im getting nothing so not getting my hopes up
Is this one time where measuring *cold* is a good thing
I once bought my wife a £200 food processor, She didn’t seem very impressed (_;)
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