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Joseph Joseph editions extendable dish rack sky blue £32 + Free collection @ John Lewis

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Joseph Joseph sky blue dish rack collect in Waitrose or John Lewis for free or otherwise £4.50 delivery

£65 on Joseph Joseph

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Extend allows you to quickly and easily expand your draining space. When required it can be extended to almost twice its size to accommodate the washing up after either single-or family-sized meals.

An integrated spout helps to drain away any excess water, but this can be rotated away and closed trapping water inside for draining later. This means that extend can also be used to create additional draining space anywhere. With plated steel prongs and non-scratch tips that make it suitable for all types of glassware and crockery, this versatile drainer can be extended to create additional draining space that is ideal for cups and bowls.

A moveable cutlery drainer allows for flexible use and non-slip feet to ensure that wherever it is used, the unit will be secure and stable. The steel rack can be removed for easy cleaning.

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    £32 for a dish rack ?
    Lmao, love the shocked face of the OP at the £4.50 delivery charge but them being okay with £32 for a dish rack
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    My two pence worth is that as the owner of a cleaning company, these are absolutely awful to keep clean unless you own a dishwasher to bung them into. The cutlery holder in particular is just a breeding ground for nasties!
    Get a microfibre drying mat and just wash it after every use of two. Cheaper, cleaner and no cluttery expensive plastic carp on the drainer!
    (Ok, bite me!) 😜
    Ha I will , the Mats do not work on my worktop (unless you dry stuff straightaway ) they just make the surface wet and yes I have a dishwasher, I’ve brought it for mainly the pans so I don’t have to put them in the dishwasher and to save my worktops and doors from getting damaged the sink was a bargain off eBay so 32 quid not a lot for a drainer and a draining board to me .
    Anyway not gonna bother posting any deals for a bit not worth it seeing as most people commenting have not posted many deals … (edited)
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    It's like they ordered stuff from aliexpress and rebranded it as a premium product.
    Careful, I got ripped into the last time I said that about a JJ product
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    Is this not expensive for a dish rack?
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    I know people are saying it's expensive. It's the value it provides. It can collapse and expand, drain into the sink and is made from sturdy plastic. Aesthetically it's nice looking too to some. I think it's worth it if you value it.
    And it has a 2 year guarantee , thank you GunMetal
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    This is a deal website it’s under half price and will save my new worktops also has good reviews and a 2 year guarantee, anyone else know where I can get an an expandable dish rack with spout cheaper please let me know , must include guarantee too, 2 years  , then I’ll get that one , please let me know ….  (edited)
    £1.70 for one in asda that would 'save' your new worktops all the same. If you want to pay £30 extra for a gimmick, that's your choice. Have at it.
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    For the doubters out there, I've had my JJ drainer for about 7 years now and it's still as good as new. Very strong and holds plates well, easy to clean etc.

    You can keep your flimsy wire rack drainers IMHO
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    Does look pretty decent, 65 quid though at full whack, crikey!
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    I have had similar and more expensive dish racks and all these types are useless. The drain off is not efficient and builds up gunk and mould. It's also normally very flimsy.

    The cutlery area builds up gunk in no time and you are forever cleaning the dish rack as much as the dishes. It's all really difficult to clean unless you can stick it in a dishwasher.

    Having to stick a dish rack to clean in a dishwasher.....there's an irony in that.

    One to avoid. (edited)
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    I have this. Well worth the price, ignore the doubters. Quality and functionality is extremely high, pathetic to compare with cheaper alternatives.
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    Ha I have no draining board so this will save my worktops and I hope it to last a few years ! If i brought a cheap one I would need to buy that and a tray etc with no drainage .. plus replace it all the time which could cost more as they rust the metal ones and the plastic ones are not the best looking things! Unless you have a home bargain or BNM nearby which we don’t here over half an hour away it actually works out cheaper and I want to be able to put it away when not in use
    I've had one for years and they are really hard wearing. Should last you a very long time
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    Draining boards should be connected to sinks by law. As Important as walls and crisps.
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    Much smaller drying size than my £3 one from Wilko looks brand new after 2 years (edited)
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    Love mine, and paid much more. As you’d expect with any dish rack you need to clean it weekly to prevent build up of bacteria. Usually just spray some bleach on it and quick wipe.