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Joseph Joseph Flex Lite Silicone Toilet Brush - £10.99 @ Amazon

£10.99£14.4024% off
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About this deal

One of my favourite things from Joseph Joseph, cheaper than their own website (even after the sale).

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Joseph Joseph Flex Lite Toilet Brush - Official Website


Conventional toilet brushes hold dirt and liquid, making them messy and unhygienic to use, clean and store. Also their bristles can distort and wear, meaning they need to be replaced regularly. Flex Lite is a revolutionary toilet brush designed to solve all these problems. It features a flexible D-shaped head that reaches all areas, even under the rim, and widely spaced bristles that prevent dirt clogging. Its hydrophobic qualities allow liquid to drain quickly and its bristles are more durable than those on conventional-style brushes. Flex Lite comes with a slimline holder for compact storage.

About this item

  • Flexible D-shaped head reaches all areas even under the rim
  • Anti-drip less dripping between cleaning and storing
  • Anti-clog design – Wide bristle spacing ensures dirt rinses off easily
  • Durable bristles
  • Comes with a slimline holder for neat storage

Care & use

  • Brush & holder - clean with bleach or hot soapy water (if using bleach, avoid prolonged contact with stainless-steel shaft)





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  1. Avatar
    Anyone have this? Recent amazon reviews appear quite mixed.
    It is in my opinion. Acts like a paintbrush. Gave it a go this morning as it is still in the bathroom. Better than using your bare hands, but the dirt cheap tesco one beats it by lightyears. I'd say avoid unless you'd like to create art pieces.
  2. Avatar
    We have one ! Looked trendy in new bathroom, it's like a having a poop spreader, just makes a simple jobbie harder to clear...trad bristles brushes are better.....
  3. Avatar
    What’s so good about these compared to fiver ones
    By the looks of it, you'll get less "debris" caught in the bristles.
  4. Avatar
    Had one. Awful product.
  5. Avatar
    Total waste of money. Went back to a normal brush. Just looks good but not practical at all.

    I think it is a little too stiff also so risk of splashing toilet bleech.

    My worst purchase of 2022.

    I went for the more expensive enclosed version but very disappointed

  6. Avatar
    Ordered previously. Useless in my opinion.
  7. Avatar
    Worth a go, 2 ordered, I found the cheaper silicon ones to be good.
    This isn't. Unless they have revised it since the one that I got, I'd cancel ASAP.
  8. Avatar
    Hate this brush. Went back to bristles.
    Same here.
  9. Avatar
    Bought a used one on Ebay. Very good.
    Ebay have these:


    used ones for £4 which look similar.
  10. Avatar
    Different brands sell the same thing for half this price. The brand has a huge markup
  11. Avatar
    Not worth it since the brush turns brown over time.
    Are you using it for the toilet or....
  12. Avatar
    Thanks ordered to try
  13. Avatar
    Thanks, ordered a couple
  14. Avatar
    open so germs and smells can escape....nice!!
    i now have visions of germs crawling up the side of it towards the sink, I havent found any smell issues though
  15. Avatar
    I have one it very good to keep the Toilet very clean 🧼
  16. Avatar
    Cancelled, the rust comments on amazon was the final straw.
  17. Avatar
    Didn't know so many people disliked it. I have been using one for 6 months and got another one 2 months ago for my mother. The non drip bit is a game changer for me but each to their own!
  18. Avatar
    I like it because nothing sticks to it . Seems more hygiene
  19. Avatar
    Awful.brush, I'm a professional cleaner and would say this is the a useless toilet brush, even struggles.to wash the toilet cleaner around. Definitely avoid