Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board Set - Half Price - £21 @ Ocado

Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board Set - Half Price - £21 @ Ocado

Found 6th Sep 2011
Good if you want some and already shop at Ocado!

Product Description

Set of 4 colour coded polypropylene chopping boards:
- Fish (30cm x 20 cm.);
- Raw Meats (30cm x 20 cm.);
- Cooked Foods (30cm x 20 cm.);
- Vegetables (30cm x 20 cm.).

‘Index’ is our multi award winning chopping board categorization system comprising of a stylish storage case and four colour-coded chopping boards. Each board has its own illustrated tab, staggered for visual ease, indicating which should be used for preparing certain food types (vegetables, fish, raw meat and cooked food).

Gift of the Year 2008 – Winner of Cooking and Dining Category.
The Gift Awards 2008 – Winner of Home/Lifestyle Award
Excellence in Housewares 2008 – Winner of Cutting Edge Award.


Reasonable price based on high street prices, however i paid £15 for mine from costco...

Some places sell these for £40, seriously overpriced at this price

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They're not for me tbh. I considered getting them when the Costco offer was on but the reviews aren't always great. What do you think of yours?

They do look good on counter top, but they mark too easily from the knives and individually they are a little on the small side for my liking. Plus they dont have one for bread so I end up having to use a different board grrr
They also do a set which comes with a seperate knife for each board.

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Yep, I remember those being the two complaints I read about...but agree that they do look great even just in the product pic!

As above, too small and scratch too easily. If replacement boards were really cheap, then it would be an ok purchase.


why so pricey if they dont take a knife cut very well? Thats the basic quality test of a chopping board!

being pretty doesnt really cut it.

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I think the concept is good, it just fails on certain aspects in terms of delivery...

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Oos now and discontinued
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