Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board Set - Silver, Set of 4 - £25.50 Amazon - Prime exclusive

Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board Set - Silver, Set of 4 - £25.50 Amazon - Prime exclusive

Found 26th Nov 2017
Seems like a good price for Joseph Joseph chopping board set.

Similar to expired deal offered at Debenhams.
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Prime only.
Also there is a newer model for £30. Debenhams deal was miles better.
Nice if you like eating plastic and a good idea that you can hide them away in a casing as they look shabby after 1st use.
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That's a lot of money and they may be "Jo Jo" but they are way too small
I’ve got these and they mark very easily! I’ve found that a lot of Joseph Joseph products are very much style over substance! They look pretty but practically wise aren’t great
I also have these, the problem is you will use 1 board way more than others so what looks like a good idea turns out not to be. Best get multiple cheap plastic boards the same and stick them in the dishwasher after every use
I have these, and they're OK. Its good they all go back in the holder to keep things a bit tidier.However, I don't think they are worth the price they are asking, I think I got a deal and got mine for under a tenner.
Poor quality products. Good idea just cheap materials
NEWSFLASH: chopping boards scratch
Paid 12.50 for mine a few months ago from amazon.

Granted you would now need a time machine to get them cheaper so havent voted.
marmaluke12 h, 27 m ago

NEWSFLASH: chopping boards scratch

Would be worried if they didn't!

A nice hard chopoing board to blunt my knives?... no thanks!
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