Joseph Joseph index chopping boards ---- £19.68 @ costco

Joseph Joseph index chopping boards ---- £19.68 @ costco

Found 23rd Dec 2009
bargain carnt find it for less than £40

Four color coded chopping boards with a stylish storage case. Each board has illustrated tabs for food types: vegetables, fish, raw meat and cooked meat. Dishwasher, non-slip base. Winner - Gift of the Year 2008 (cooking and dining). Winner - The Gift Awards 2008 (kitchen product). Winner -Excellence in Houseware Awards 2008 (cutting edge award). Multi.
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which costco did you see this in?
costco in oldham i got one today
What size are the boards? Look quite small in the picture comparing it to the knife and the avocado.

Don't buy 'em if you actually want to use them. ;-)Good price tho'

What do you mean by that? I wish people would quantify comments like these!

I'm in the business of housewares and can say that these things sell like hot cakes. I've used them and I've bought for friends, and for vegetarians in a household, having separate chopping boards that don't touch each other when stored is very good!

They're not the biggest boards, true, but perfectly functional.

the srp is most definately £40, I am very suprised to see this for £20, I reckon that is very near cost price.

more info on if this is a national costco deal would be good though.

Same size as a sheet of A4. :thumbsup:They scratch easily and the paint … Same size as a sheet of A4. :thumbsup:They scratch easily and the paint peels off the plastic holder.

err, no wish to be disrespectful, but so does ANY wooden or plastic chopping board. And glass ones just blunt your blade.

No idea on the paint peeling though...and yeah, they could be a bit bigger, but then there are 4 of them in the set.

Plastic boards are generally better than wood as it can be cleaned better and also in a dishwasher, wood ones should be replaced a lot sooner than a lot of people do...shine a uv light on one and trust me, most folks wouldn't put food on it ever again!

nerd alert over!
I've bought these for my mum for Christmas (£32 from Amazon) - she really wanted them but I guess I felt the same as the rest of the doubters (and still do!). I said to her if it's a waste of money not to blame me!
Yet another example of style over function? The wife wants a set of these, but I think the comments above might change her mind.
got some yesterday from oldam store i think they are brill
Just phoned the Glasgow store and wait for it....they are out of stock, but they had been marked down to £3!!!

I can't believe I missed out! Gutted.
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