Joules Womens Welton Welly Socks from Super Soft & Warm Fleece in Lime @ Joules Outlet, Ebay £3.16 (Free Delivery), Sizes S, M

Joules Womens Welton Welly Socks from Super Soft & Warm Fleece in Lime @ Joules Outlet, Ebay £3.16 (Free Delivery), Sizes S, M

Found 31st Jul 2017Edited by:"louiselouise"
*Price has now went down a little, to £3.16 from £3.56 and the original £3.95*

RRP £12.95. Remember the recent Joules wellies offer on Amazon? These are a perfect accompaniment for the colder days (if you don't care about the colour!!).

Sizes S, M, L (only Small left now).

Finding size charts is a challenge but the Joules website has "Welton Fleece Welly Socks" listed as Size "3-4, Size 5-6, Size 7-8" (assume it corresponds to S, M, L) so I would go by this.



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If you don't want to buy Welly Socks, and prefer a cheaper option...

Some good welly tips here -…ks/

I think I'll try the memory foam insole! And the thin sock underneath walking socks idea is another good suggestion (to reduce blisters).
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Size L is gone I'm afraid! So, just S & M left.
Thanks very much. I think you've just officially started me off on my Christmas shopping X) That's one very awkward present out of the way.
Here's a bit of an welly socks spam (all fleece versions):

Welly socks (with fur tops) from Decathlon for £7.99…tml

Joules Welton Socks in Black, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 (a few size "Large" left) for £7.77 (only really worthwhile if you're spending over £35 for free delivery or ordering to store)…ack

Fleece Welly Socks, Red, Baby Pink or Black £3.99…524

Leopard Or Zebra! Sizes 3-5, 6-8, £3.99…049

Pink or Dark Blue £3…614

These seem to get good reviews on Amazon, and on Prime delivery too at £5.99 (Large: UK 7/8, X-Large: UK 9/10):…8AQ

Edit: I did speculate about the fleece looking a bit thin on some pictures of welly socks (or welly liners), but apparently they're supposed to be that way, and you still wear them with your ordinary socks! This is all new territory for me X)!
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Thanks! Ordered.
Got these redelivered a few days ago as I wasn't at home - very quickly delivered, these welly socks are packaged in a Joules-branded fleece bag.

The colour isn't too dayglo, more yellowy than an in-your-face Lime colour. Can't comment on comfort or wearability as I haven't worn them yet

Seems to still be plenty of sizes S and M in stock.
Just giving this a bump as the price has now changed to £3.56
Only Small left in these (assume it's Size 3-4 going by the jpeg mentioned earlier, above)
Only Small left, as before, but the price has dipped again - it's been £3.16 since the 30th
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