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Journey of the Sword Free PC @ Indiegala

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Posted 7th Nov

Embark on a journey in Japan inspired setting. Control Jack, young bodyguard who, together with his master embarks on a mission of escorting the mysterious priestess to complete traditonal ritual of fertility. Their journey is interrupted by suspicious attacks and Jin and his master start suspecting the true nature of their mission. Will they be able to finish their mission and uncover the plotter that want young priestess dead? On their journey they will meet various allies, make new enemies and uncover skeletons from their past.


Journey of the Sword is a JRPG game and will have according elements. Player will be required to explore world map, uncovering various story line and optional areas and meeting various party members. Combat is turn based and player will have to choose a balanced party of four who will have to brave both regular enemies and dangerous "boss" monsters.
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Free or not, that description does not fill me with confidence. Are Jack and Jin the same person?
Yet another rpgmaker game. Man, i used to make these when I was 14.
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