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Joybol Smoothie Bowls £2.50 @ Sainsbury's (Free via  Checkoutsmart Cashback)
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Joybol Smoothie Bowls £2.50 @ Sainsbury's (Free via Checkoutsmart Cashback)

Posted 10th Oct

Joyböl smoothie bowl strawberry almond quinoa crunch with granola clusters 60g, Joyböl smoothie bowl super berries & açai with granola clusters 60g
Note: If you want to claim with Both Clicksnap and Checkout then it needs to be in two separate receipts.
Strawberry link: sainsburys.co.uk/sho…60g
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I bought one of these. I didn’t like it
I had one today, it was ok for free but no way would I buy again for anything like the current price of £2.50. I can't see them being successful until they drop the price
Got to agree with the others. I got one from the Co-op when they had the same cashback offer. I wasn't impressed. £2.50 is about £2 too much.
Nevermind the product inside - what these people were thinking about packaging! 5 types of plastic, thick, bulky plastic. DISGUSTING! The product does not need hot water, could be packaged in nice paper cup.
Hey moderator if you edit any deal spell check. Varieties not Varities ohh god somehow you guys surviving
I noticed these in Sainsos the other day, are they some kind of overpriced hipster fad?
Worth buying even if just to up your spend. Get to £20 quicker.
I just give these away, foodbanks or harvest festival etc.

But yes, massively overpriced.
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