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Learn to code bundle.  Cheapest ever £10 @ Joystiq
Found 28th Jan 2015Found 28th Jan 2015
Learn to code bundle. Cheapest ever £10 @ Joystiq
Been looking for a decent course to get started with coding, stumbled across this one but I suggest you are quick!! Its a pay what you want deal, if you pay more than the average … Read more

Hot from me for the free Wordpress tutorial.


codecademy is free !


Seems to be exactly the same site as Stack Social - they even have the same three charities that you can choose to donate to.


Ah, after you click buy..currently $15


Where does it list the average price? The leaderboard listed shows $250

Front-End Master Bundle - PWYW £1 @ Joystiq
Found 9th Sep 2014Found 9th Sep 2014
Front-End Master Bundle - PWYW £1 @ Joystiq
This is a weird one. I personally would beat the average and pay £4 for "$1,042" worth of programming lessons That's right. We've partnered with several of the world's finest fr… Read more
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Ordered Thanks. Hoping i learn something then it's worth 4 quid.


It's actually 66 hours. 14 hrs is for the first module.


"Over 255 lectures and 14 hours of content Learn HTML, HTML 5, CSS, CSS 3, C++, C#, jQuery, GameSalad, and Stencyl" All that in 14 hours? Gosh. Sarcasm aside it sounds like a collection of introductory videos to the subjects There are no samples given and no details about supporting materials so it's a hard to judge the quality but if you get on with video tutorials for text-based subjects then getting multiple viewpoints on the same subject may be worth a punt at this price.

NES Style ios/android/windows Bluetooth/USB game controller - £19 inc free shipping instead of over £40 at Joystiq
Found 8th Sep 2014Found 8th Sep 2014
NES Style ios/android/windows Bluetooth/USB game controller - £19 inc free shipping instead of over £40 at Joystiq
Most of the information in the title - nice looking game controller Bluetooth or USB I. Style of old NES controller. Usually costs €40 with shipping on top but this is $30 with fre… Read more
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I think you'll find that's a thumbstick, not a d-pad.


Your point being?


Yea its purely for looks as most games will want an analog stick. I'm thinking of just rooting my phone and getting this, got a few spare sixaxis controllers - unlikely to get a better quality controller than a ps3 one


I've been very tempted by these for a while but feel it's just a bit too expensive compared to something like this


that does sound cool. Very tempted now

PS3/Vita - Twisted Metal, Warhawk, and Destruction Derby (PSOne games) free from Playstation Home
Found 24th Nov 2013Found 24th Nov 2013
PS3/Vita - Twisted Metal, Warhawk, and Destruction Derby (PSOne games) free from Playstation Home
Sony have started a "Quest 4 Greatness" scavenger hunt in the Playstation 4 area of PS Home. It should take about 10 minutes to get all 13 items - including wallpapers, etc and 3 f… Read more
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everything crashes on the ps3 try using bbciplayer, 4od,youtube or the internet explorer without it crashing, sony says its a multitasking console, yeah its multitasking alright it crashes on everything it runs.


And then We have reached our limit of available vouchers for Twisted Metal :lol


Crashed half way through. Thanks Sony for the same experience I've had for the past 6 years.


Up and running in Home (EU) now also, Go to big PS4 in home square.


I'm pretty sure it will. I downloaded with my US account and then unpacked them using my UK account. Will confirm later as my vita needs charged Edit: Ok just given it a try. It doesn't work. :( Only Destruction Derby and Warhawk showed up to transfer but when attempting to transfer it errors due to content expiring. I can only assume it lets me unpack on my ps3 UK account as my US account is on the system.

3 PS4 games for £75 + P&P @ joystiq
Found 6th Nov 2013Found 6th Nov 2013
3 PS4 games for £75 + P&P @ joystiq
After the PS4 launches in USA, (an American shopping site), are offering a buy 2 get 1 free deal on PS4 games. The games are $59.99 each, so instead of $179.97, it … Read more
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What about DLC? Hasn't there been issues with imports and region specific DLC?


Then there's the chance of getting caught by a import fee which is likely when your paying that much.


great deal if you can make it work, have some heat.


Cool, I'll be in Chicago Wednesday to Friday next week!


sorry but this just inst a deal by any means, what about cusotms and VAT? by the time you get these it'll be 2016 and youll be stuck with a huge bill for the import duties etc. coldy

Free PC game download - The Suffering
Found 26th Jun 2013Found 26th Jun 2013
Free PC game download - The Suffering
This survival horror game from 2004 is now free to download and play. In The Suffering, players take the role of Torque, and inmate in a max security prison being taken over by dar… Read more

That would explain it then. Thanks


It's not the version 1.0 to 1.1 patch. It's the fix patch for v1.1 so that you can play it on Windows 7 in widescreen. The game you downloaded should already be v1.1


Why is your patch 1.80 meg and not 2.98 meg of original patch 1.0 to 1.1


A decent and pretty scary monster killing game if you don't mind a lot of gore and some profanity. It won't run on Windows 7 in widescreen unless you download the 1.1 fix patch and after installing the game as normal, replace the original suffering.exe with the patch version. After that, right click on the game's shortcut on the desktop and on the compatibility tab, tick the "run this program in compatibility mode" box for Windows XP SP3 and tick the 'run this program as an administrator" box. Click apply, Click Ok and launch. It should run fine after that and allow all the widescreen modes. You can download the 1.1 patch from here The Suffering 1.1 patch



Free EA online passes and redemption codes across all platforms PS3 and 360.
Found 14th Jun 2013Found 14th Jun 2013
Free EA online passes and redemption codes across all platforms PS3 and 360.
So EA binned the whole online passes right? I was browsing through PSN when I noticed in-game redemption items like the cerberus pack for ME2 was free. This is brilliant because ev… Read more
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RE: PC ...we can't trade in, but guess that's why we get a lower price point for games (mostly).


Which platform are you referring to? if Xbox 360, then go to If PS3, then go to!/en-gb/games/battlefield-3-online-pass/cid=EP0006-BLES01275_00-BF3ONLINEPASSP00 If PC, then I have no idea what the link is :\


All ea online passes are free, they disbanded them


hi sorry if this sounds stupid but if i buy fifa 13 second hand for ps3 can i play in online without key.


Passes that came with games like Kingdoms of Amalur are free also. Just to note, BF3:Close Quarters DLC is free as is I think Back To Karkand and the premium DLC is £20 on PSN (most likely equivalent on 360 also).

Tactical Intervention Beta @ Joystiq
Found 1st Mar 2013Found 1st Mar 2013
Tactical Intervention Beta @ Joystiq
Tired of having to jump through hoops like picking the exact right lottery number just to win something? Of course you are, you're a busy person. At Joystiq, you know what you do t… Read more
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well that looks mega crap


Open beta is 14th March if you're not lucky enough to get a key.


Signed up... thanks!


no eu too just fill the registration form in and select eu as region...


is it only for north america?

PlayStation All-Stars get Kat and Emmett Graves today, free for 2 weeks
LocalLocalFound 13th Feb 2013Found 13th Feb 2013
PlayStation All-Stars get Kat and Emmett Graves today, free for 2 weeks
PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale gets an infusion of fresh blood today with the addition of two more classic Sony mascots. First up is Kat, star of last June's Gravity Rush. Ne… Read more
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also free on vita downloaded them last night


unsure sorry.


free on vita aswell?





Halo 3 multiplayer maps NOW FREE- xbox 360
Found 24th Mar 2008Found 24th Mar 2008
Halo 3 multiplayer maps NOW FREE- xbox 360
Remember those three multiplayer maps that cost hard cash to download? Well they should be free from tomorrow (2.a.m USA so, hmm, lunchtime here?) - earlier than expected. News fr… Read more

wow, the video is really good.


good find! i was about to buy them the other day aswell ;) cheers!


]Video of the new maps. I think it's an official one.


so glad i didnt pay for them. Nothing special but still good for free. Now we wait for the next maps!


just downloaded thanks