Joytech 8" LCD Monitor/Screen (Black Slimline PS2) £39.99

Joytech 8" LCD Monitor/Screen (Black Slimline PS2) £39.99

Found 30th Apr 2007
ChoicesUk have the LCD screen for £39.99. Last week they had the silver ones for £29.99, but they sold out very quickly. Make sure that you have the attachment holes on the back of your PS2. Any bought after September 2006 may not have these holes. Joytech said they are working to get around this but not sure how yet.
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7.2 Inch Version On For £19.99 So Voted Warm

7.2 Inch Version On For £19.99 So Voted Warm

Not compatible with Slimline PSTwo

This is the slimline one. Voted hot, and just ordered
£37.99 after Quidco.
oo didnt read that so not bad
Yeah, sorry. I mentioned that it was slimline only in the title and not in the main text. So when you view it on this page it's not very clear.

This is the LCD monitor for the black PS2 Slimline (just make sure you've got the attachment holes on the back of your PS2 before ordering it!).
got one when they were £90 and i was very happy then. Turns the PS2 into a mint portable dvd player and the screen is fantastic. perfect for when there are no tvs. hot
Item dispatched. Cool
I can't wait to use my slimline PS2 the way it should be used ie. anywhere that takes my fancy. It's small enough to cater for the portable gamer and will now plug into the car ciggie lighter.
Got it today, and I can safely say my PS2 was never as functional and cool looking as it is now
Looks like it's still in stock too. A bargain, thanks to the OP.
i bought tyhe silver one for 29,99 for my black slimline
but doesnt have holes for screws
wish they would state that when advertising gonna have to do with blue tac and stickytape and a few elastic bands now:oops: :whistling: :x
Someone did point that out in the thread.…ech

can you show me please?

it's not the responsibility of the poster
it should be the supplier
I checked for the screw holes before purchasing and mine had them. I'd never noticed that they were there to tell the truth, until now.
Not sure what Joytech's plan is for these monitors. It may be that the screen LCD has been re-manufactured, but a mail I got from Joytech suggested that they may simply be supplying them with an extra part to aid attachement:

"We suggest asking the retailer for the newly designed monitor which has the new attaching kit included. This monitor is different in how it attachs to the console and will allow it to be firmly attached without the needed screw holes at the back".

Have mailed them back asking about this, but no reply yet. Will let you know.
where are these screws holes supposed to be ? can someone post a pic please.

I am thinking mine does not have them. I checked out a review and it shows the screen mounted but the DC IN is near the middle where as on mine it is on the far right so am guessing it won't fit. Model is SCPH-77003
the two holes are at the back of the ps2 left right hand corners
it does fit but not securely
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