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Posted 6 April 2023

Jude's Flat White Coffee Ice Cream - £3 @ Sainsbury's

£3£4.5033% off
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I love ice cream.

I've tried just about every flavour you can buy in the shops (except the bottom dollar nasty stuff with no "cream" in ice cream).

I'm also a filthy animal that likes coffee ice-cream (but not in chocolates).

Coffee ice cream is hard enough to come by and good coffee ice cream even more so. Only a few supermarkets sell their own brands and I've tried them ALL (Sainos, Tesco, Waitrose, Haagen-Dazs etc)

THIS is better than the rest by some margin and is a good price at £3. If you consider a deal to be 99p ice cream from a frozen supermarket chain, then this isn't for you.

Sometimes, it's not cheap if you can't eat it.
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  1. bozo007's avatar
    Sainsbury's does have a Iced Coffee icecream in their Taste The Difference range. Usually shows up around this time. I love it.
    LegoGetSome's avatar
    LegoGetSome Author
    Yes, as mentioned in descript, been there, done that! You’re obviously a person of good taste so if you love the Sainos version, skip their own brand this week and buy this  
     . It’s much better, IMHO.

    BTW, salute to your MAD magazine tribute. I grew up with this quality educational publication myself with its satire, parodies and humour all wrapped up in glorious artwork; my favourite - the folding pages!  
  2. mkara's avatar
    Flat white ice cream... Really! Seems more like a marketing gimmick!
    LegoGetSome's avatar
    LegoGetSome Author
    Erm, coffee ice cream is really not an unheard of flavour ? It gets called all sorts e.g. Colombian, iced coffee, iced latte etc by various producers but it's all just basically coffee...
  3. DealJourno's avatar
    But I could eat the Sainsbury's raspberry trifle Ice cream 900ml for 75p!

    That was a bargain. Might try this one.
    LegoGetSome's avatar
    LegoGetSome Author
    Haven't tried that one but compare the WHOLE milk/cream concentration/percentage in that and also the other added ingredients eg coconut oil vs. a slightly better ice cream. At the end of the day though, it's what you prefer the taste of regardless of what's on the label. And what one can afford/is willing to spend, of course. Enjoy! (edited)
  4. Eastldnjak's avatar
    Slightly off topic but I can't find Jude's iced coffees in any Sainsburys anymore they only do the chocolate milk. And that is a travesty 😮‍💨 (edited)
    LegoGetSome's avatar
    LegoGetSome Author
    Sounds like a travesty. Didn't know they made coffee. Can never bring myself to buy iced coffees (frappé the exception in summer), I just put ice cubes in my coffee at home..
  5. win26's avatar
    Nice one, Finally I have been waiting for Coffee flavour.
    LegoGetSome's avatar
    LegoGetSome Author
    Great stuff ! I was glad to see it too because their other flavours are similarly decent. e.g Sticky Toffee and Salted Caramel, and I don’t even dig caramel normally?! Enjoy. (edited)
's avatar