Juicy Couture Ladies' Fergie Purple Silicone Strap Watch, £5.99 Delivered @ argos ebay

Juicy Couture Ladies' Fergie Purple Silicone Strap Watch, £5.99 Delivered @ argos ebay

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10 available, from what I can see. *Added other watches to the thread*

Brand New With a 12 Month Argos Guarantee
This Juicy Couture watch from the Fergie family is perfect for those who want a bit of glamour on their wrist. It has a 40.2mm, purple, roman dial with stainless steel case. It also has a purple, rubber strap with pin and buckle clasp. The glass front is scratch resistant making it tough enough for you to wear every day.

Model number 1901466.

  • Scratch resistant glass.
  • Purple dial.
  • Case width 40.2mm.
  • Stainless steel case.
  • Purple rubber strap.
  • Buckle clasp.
  • Quartz movement.
  • Water resistant to 30m.
  • Analogue display.
  • Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.

EAN: 7613272214728.
Catalogue Number 552/90502952943.jpg2952943.jpg2952943.jpg
Edit: H Samuel had this for £49.99! (OOS) hsamuel.co.uk/web…ch/

£25 at Amazon amazon.co.uk/Jui…09Q
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There's a few watches on Argos ebay right now.

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- this one is Manufacturer's number: SI.BE.U.S.12 which seems to be the Adult size.
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Fantastic price around £25 elsewhere.
Sekonda Mens Champagne Dial Gold Plated Tonneau Case Analogue Watch £26.99 Delivered ebay.co.uk/itm…907
33952025-qAg3e.jpgScuderia Ferrari Men's Pit Crew Strap Watch £24.99 Delivered ebay.co.uk/itm…241
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More Juicy Couture watches here:

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(There are more expensive Juicy Couture watches on argos ebay but kept it to sub-£40)

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Lacoste Men's 12.12 Green Polo Strap Watch £34.99 Delivered ebay.co.uk/itm…90933952231-KE27h.jpgThough there's a cheaper one in this HUKD thread Lacoste Unisex Goa Silicone Strap Watch £12.99 Delivered ebay.co.uk/itm…576
33952231-YDO8V.jpgSeiko Men's Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch £49.99 Delivered ebay.co.uk/itm…131
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Oh well, maybe I don't know how Argos Ebay works, tried adding 10 the Basket before 8pm (to determine how many they had in stock) and it wouldn't let me add any more. Maybe it's a limit to stop bulk buyers instead, as more than 10 have been sold now!!
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That purple thing is a monstrosity. Bought one for my wife to give to her on her birthday. Her face will be a picture.

My niece will think it's cool because it's Juicy Couture. She's thirty and allowed to vote. And drive. And have children.

Voted hot for a watch for sick squid.
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Got one for my granddaughter she will love it
Think it's a teenager thing, my niece (still) loves Juicy Couture velour tracksuits and thinks they're the most comfy clothing ever (after she gets home from work). I assumed they were out of fashion, but maybe I'm wrong. Still see lots of Juicy Couture in TK Maxx.

I got her this watch for Xmas 33954459-JgU8Q.jpgThe dreaded Sports Direct has it now for £52 + £4.99 P&P - though I got it cheaper

Not sure who makes their watches. Edit: Seems it's Movado Group movadogroup.com/bra…cfm

Movado Group makes Hugo Boss, Ebel, Coach, Lacoste, Scuderia Ferrari, Rebecca Minkoff, Olivia Burton, Tommy Hilfiger, Movado, Uri Minkoff, Concord watches.
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All hideous! Heat added tho for the effort
Heat added, just ordered one. Perfect to go withcasual wear for me.
Ordered to put away for Christmas. Thanks.
If Cadburys made a phone.
fudgecake22 h, 16 m ago

If Cadburys made a phone.

Was scrolling past and thought oh do Cadbury's have watches on sale?
Here's another Juicy Couture watch sub-£40 at £39.99 (think it's not long been added, as I didn't see this on my previous search) ebay.co.uk/itm…743
33975773-jPEDH.jpgMore or less the Silicone Strap version of the watch I bought my niece
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Received the purple JC watch this morning, it's beautiful. Thanks OP!
Postie just handed me mine! I know it's OOS, but here's what I got:33982459-dd7BQ.jpgHas an Argos Quality Control sticker, but easy enough to remove - the crown is pulled out so it doesn't drain the battery - most new watches come this way. It's a wee bit dusty if I was to nit-pick, but hardly going to moan for £6!!33982459-4uGyJ.jpgComes with a Juicy Couture watch manual under the foam insert.
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