Jumanji / Hook / Zathura - 3 Film DVD Set - £4.85 at Zavvi

Jumanji / Hook / Zathura - 3 Film DVD Set - £4.85 at Zavvi

Found 18th Apr 2010
Jumanji / Hook / Zathura DVD £4.85 at Zavvi

Features the family films JUMANJI, HOOK, and ZATHURA - A SPACE ADVENTURE.

In JUMANI, The simple act of rolling the dice on an old board-game from the loft triggers an amazing adventure for young Judy and Peter as they reactivate a hoard of wild animals and the wild-looking Alan Parrish who was transported to the jungles of Jumanji years ago while playing on the same board.

In HOOK, Peter Pan re-enters his magical world for a final confrontation with Captain Hook.

In ZATHURA - A SPACE ADVENTURE, brothers Danny and Walter start playing an old board game they find in their basement and are transported into outer space. Can the boys stop their bickering long enough to fend off a murderous robot, an explosive meteor shower, and lizard-like aliens and get back home in time for tea?

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