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Jump Leads £3.99 @ Home Bargains
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Jump Leads £3.99 @ Home Bargains

Posted 1st Mar 2018
Cheap set of jump leads for use in an emergency. Probably not the best but should get you away if your car won't start. Good to keep in the car during the cold weather.
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They're certainly cheap though in my experience cheap jump leads don't work. They'll start a small petrol engine if the battery has some life, otherwise they will offer false hope.
When you need them most you need them to work.Spend more on a decent set as these will still keep you stranded.
Jump leads... we use to call them skipping ropes back in my day
This shop used to sell good quality items cheap, and they could do it as they where relatively small, and big producers could shift a lot of unwanted stock through them at a great price (without upsetting the big 4 supermarkets), however they are now a victim of their own success and over the years it has changed, now they have a lot of own label products (TJM I think it will show on the back), and whilst the price is reasonable the quality in generally questionable.
Cheap jump leads are dangerous and useless.
It states 1600cc. That’s probably petrol only. Try that on a 1600cc Diesel and odds on these will over heat and the insulation will start to melt and smoke.
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I was going to post this but I didn't want to start anything.
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