Jumper DVD - £3 @ ASDA
Jumper DVD - £3 @ ASDA

Jumper DVD - £3 @ ASDA

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Smart entertaining movie thought it was very origal.

Hope you like

Based on Steven Gould's critically acclaimed novel, JUMPER leaps onto the screen courtesy of director Doug Liman. David (Hayden Christiansen, STAR WARS - EPISODE 3 - REVENGE OF THE SITH) has inexplicably been given the power to teleport himself, or jump. He can jump into a bank vault, then to the top of the Sphinx, then back to his luxury Manhattan apartment. But despite all his power, he still misses his childhood love, Millie (Rachel Bilson, THE O.C.). When the opportunity arises, David jets off to Rome with Millie, but it's not all romance in the Italian city. David's unique abilities place him in the middle of a war between the jumpers and the paladins, a secretive group intent on hunting down the teleporters. Led by Roland (Samuel L. Jackson), the paladins track David and fellow jumper Griffin (Jamie Bell) across the world, and Millie may be caught in the crossfire.
JUMPER moves as fast as its teleporting hero, condensing the novel into a slim, action-packed offering. The slick special effects and impressive locations are certainly on par with Liman's previous work in THE BOURNE IDENTITY and MR. AND MRS. SMITH, but JUMPER bears a closer resemblance to comic book adaptations. Like most comic book protagonists with unearthly abilities, David grapples with his newfound talents. But unlike his tights-and-cape-wearing brethren, David doesn't use his ability for the greater good. Instead, it gets him piles of money and, perhaps, the girl he's been dreaming of since he was five years old. Though most action films are driven by the struggle between good and evil, JUMPER interestingly offers up a central character who lies somewhere in the middle.


good movie...well worth £3

Great movie and good price!

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Cant wait for the sequel...yes there is one planned

O LAWD! this film sucks


Cant wait for the sequel...yes there is one planned

i think there was until it flopped in the cinema, is it still going ahead?

if you wanted the other 2 films this boxset might be worth the extra £4


The follow up to "Jumper" was to be "Cardigan" but they ran out of wool making it

I was disappointed by the film. I had high hoped but it fell a long way short.
You can't go far wrong at this price though - good deal.

Rubbish film, not worth a penny

Yep this is crap, just wait for it to come on TV.

Terrible Movie!

Not sure how anyone can like it

I liked it.action movie with a twist to the norm
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