Jumper - Wii - £13.99 - Delivered

Jumper - Wii - £13.99 - Delivered

Found 7th Apr 2008
Jump through an infinite world where there are no boundaries. You are Griffin, a teenage anti-hero, who can teleport through a rift between the time/space continuum. Jump the planet to hunt down packs of Paladins, an evil group of super-humans responsible for killing Griffins family - and altering his world forever. Combat and teleport your way through visually stimulating levels of time and space to conquer Griffins enemies in this action-packed crusade.
Experience another dimension to the film's storyline as the game follows the path of the anti-hero, Griffin.
Fight your enemies in a completely new way with 'Jump Battles' where changing environments in a split-second during combat is an option.
Innovative 'Save Yourself' feature which allows players to save themselves from dying thru 'jumping' at the right moment.
Griffin, a jumper, is out to hunt the Paladins that brutally killed his family. Travel through out the world and time on an action-packed crusade to avenge their death.


Sorry to say that I hear it's a really bad game :-(

There's a surprise lol!

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Yes I agree the reports are rather poor, but it is cheaper than anywhere else...

Rank rotten game. But....... cheaper than anywhere else so for that I saw give this deal some heat.

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