jungle formula100ml insect repellent £1.49 @ Savers

jungle formula100ml insect repellent £1.49 @ Savers

Found 18th Apr 2013
£1.49. for 100ml extra strentgh body spray repellent really good stuff this !
just found this in my local savers dereham norfolk!
not sure if they have made a boo boo on this as normally about £6.00
so i got 3 bottles for holidays . so if you live near dereham go get some
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nationwide price
Great find. Was just about to post this too. Picked 2 up in sunderland today. Loads on shelf. Much better than the cheap brand ones yet this is cheaper at savers. Is about £6.75 on amazon. Defo a price mistake me thinks!
If yr on the hunt for holiday lotions aswel then super drug has ambre solair body milk for 47p!
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