Jungle Junction Playset £32.00 @ Debenhams + FREE P&P

Jungle Junction Playset £32.00 @ Debenhams + FREE P&P

Found 14th Nov 2011
Hi guys,

again another great debenhams deal. Normally £40 Cheapest anywhere and free postage. Superb Service and have already received mine for my son for christmas. :-)
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Does this look ok or cheap? looking at it for a present....!! not quiet sure if he will like it there age 3?
My son is going to be 2 in January & I no he is gonna love it. It is all in pieces in the box. Plastic. Comes with elevan & zooter. If you check out toys r us there is a video of kids playing with it. I know that he will have lots of fun with it. Plus the stickers have to be manually stuck onto the signs that come with it also.
The other characters are already selling out fast. Toadhog & Dozer are the hardest ones to get but you can get a three pack from argos which has dozer, elevan & hippobus for 9.99, If you have a local argos with it instock grab them quick as people are already selling them for rediculas amount of money on eBay.

Thank think i will order...ordered the extra charactars from Argos, do you know where to get the pig....thats his favourite apparantly,,,thanks
the pig is Zooter which comes with Elevan in this package.

The others you can find in duo packs at base.com for 7.99 for 2 figures or toys entertainment they are 6.99 each but you will have to pay postage unless you spend over £30 or unless you have a local store. The only one I have struggled to get is toadhog the green frog and he just went for £12 on ebay. I'm sure my son won't realise he's missing lol. Also disney store have started to do plush jungle junction toys that have wheels at the bottom. They look pretty cool.

use code PF5P to get the price to £28.80 hth x

use code PF5P to get the price to £28.80 hth x

cheers ordered yesterday and today amazon drop price to £28

Well you only lost out on 80p. Look out for the bargains people as people have already started putting things on eBay for rediculas prices. Dozer sold again on eBay for £20 and yet Argos have a 3 pack of Dozer, HippoBus & elevan for 9.99. I have 3 argos around me and they are all i stock. What is with people....
its £30 on amazon and if you have prime its next day free delivery
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