Juno DVD £2.99 Delivered @ Play.com!
Juno DVD £2.99 Delivered @ Play.com!

Juno DVD £2.99 Delivered @ Play.com!

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Fresh, original, and ceaselessly entertaining Jason Reitman's Juno is one of the brightest and funniest comedies of the decade. With scathingly sharp dialogue and intangible character chemistry, Juno is a coming-of-age film that is consistently funny and effortlessly cool.

Sixteen-year-old Minnesota high-school student Juno Maguff (Ellen Page) is a rebellious, outwardly confident and highly articulate teenager with a penchant for seventies punk and Dario Argento horror. Faced with an unexpected pregnancy, the result of an experimental encounter with calm, amiable, and sweetly reserved best friend Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera), Juno has to make the biggest decision of her life. Weighing up her options with reliable and quirky cheerleader friend Leah (Olivia Thirlby), brazen Juno chooses to carry out the pregnancy and scour the local ads paper for potential adoptive parents for her unborn child. In the young yuppie couple of cool, laidback Mark (Jason Bateman) and meticulous, child-needy Vanessa (Jennifer Garner), Juno finds seemingly perfect prospective parents. So as Juno delves into the unknown responsibility of a very adult world, will everything go according to plan?

The sensational performances of the entire cast particularly Ellen Page (Hard Candy) and Michael Cera (Superbad) enable you to become hopelessly and happily lost in the story and with Jason Reitman's seamless direction and real-life attention to detail, much like Judd Apatow's Knocked Up, Juno bristles with vitality and heart. But it's the edgy freshness of first-time scriptwriter Diablo Cody's quick-fire dialogue that really makes Juno such a warm, wonderful, and inspired comedy. Bearing a resemblance to the similarly idiosyncratic Little Miss Sunshine, Juno portrays ordinary - ordinarily eccentric - people dealing with difficult situations with humour, warmth, and decency.


Possibly a chick flick but i thought it was aite, some weird language in it though

Good price, same as I paid a couple of months back in FOPP (give or take a penny haha).
An alright film, not what I expected, but hey, £2.99 - it's cheaper than renting a film.. hence why I seem to buy a LOT of films these days! Haha!

Rented this when it came out. Pretty poor in my opinion, hence why I didn't bother posting this deal when I went on the £2.99 DVD's rampage earlier :P

It's a film you love or dislike.

Heat added for the price, and thankfully the gf loves it too

edit: ah, quidco...


Cute film

Juno as well as I do this film is rubbish
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