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Sefour Large Wood 85 Record Vinyl holder £22.48 delivered @ Juno
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Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Sefour Large Wood 85 Record Vinyl holder £22.48 delivered @ Juno£22.48
Hard to find decent cheap storage for your precious vinyl these days. Thought this seemed a decent product at a decent price?

Good ol Ikea shelves - love em.


I have one of these. Good to have beside the deck for quick access. I tend to pull 20-30 albums out from the shelves, put them in this, listen to them for a month, then swap for another batch of 20-30. Less daunting than looking at a wall of hundreds of cover spines!


Oddly as shellac is a super-cooled liquid, storing upright, over time, would result in shellac leaching down... I'd read to store vinyl flat, but no more than 20 deep to prevent groove compression... As i've got over 2000LPs, this isn't practicable and so they are stored in IKEA units. Well, they are in large plastic boxes now whilst we redecorate but still...




Never store vinyl in any position but standing vertical. Pass.

Juno records 99p sale: Vinyl & CD
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Posted 12th Jun 2019Posted 12th Jun 2019
Juno records 99p sale: Vinyl & CD£0.99
Juno.co.uk 99p sale. Some pretty obscure records and cds, but might find something new to listen to in it!! Delivery is extra sadly. Vinyl and CD



Obscure is an understatement. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't promote it as a Big Sale. It's the stuff they can not shift.


Some bizarre options there

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff Pi Guitar Distortion and Sustain Pedal £87.01 delivered @ Juno records
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Posted 23rd Jan 2019Posted 23rd Jan 2019
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff Pi Guitar Distortion and Sustain Pedal £87.01 delivered @ Juno records£87.01£11524%
Described by many as the ultimate iteration of the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff pedal, this normally sells for £115 but whether by accident or fate, I found it on the Juno website for… Read more

Worth every penny. Using an expression pedal with MIDS selected and MIDS and FREQ both on maximum is mind-blowing.


This is available again at £86.96. A good deal!


deluxe big muff pi.... im in :P


I use Linux stuff like guitarix and rakkarack,


Juno occasionally has amazing deals on FX etc. Thanks for posting!

Recovery Effects Bad Comrade Glitch, Pitch & Slice Module £129.60 was £162 @ Juno
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Posted 18th Jan 2019Posted 18th Jan 2019
Recovery Effects Bad Comrade Glitch, Pitch & Slice Module £129.60 was £162 @ Juno£129.60
Is it a distortion? Is it a ring modulator or a delay? We call it the Bad Comrade, the world's first hand-wired glitch, pitch and slice module. The Bad Comrade will let you beef u… Read more

Your account name though...hard to vote hot on this one.


Just don't go exactly 88mph just in case it's a flux capacitor!


Hot because of the idiots.


Hot for people who hates the silence.


I have no idea what this either but I read the words and voted HOT. (angel)

Magpie era Vinyl record storage rack £13.89 @ Juno records
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Posted 19th Nov 2018Posted 19th Nov 2018
Magpie era Vinyl record storage rack £13.89 @ Juno records£13.89
A cheap and cheerful way to store 50 of your Lp’s

This is exactly what I've been after. Beautiful! Cheers


I use IKEA Kallax. They fit vinyls perfectly. I store records on two block of four and then use a vinyl facing forward to display the artwork. Creates a great effect. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/collections/kallax/


Thought it was an unusual crib


Not bad, thanks! (y)


I have a few of these for both 12” and 45rpm versions. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Handmade-Vinyl-Storage-Crate-Box-12-LP-Vinyl-Record-Album-Modern/163235263406?_trkparms=aid%3D333200%26algo%3DCOMP.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20180409081753%26meid%3D240fdc126b9649d19caa12ac8d567a78%26pid%3D100008%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D132827838297%26itm%3D163235263406&_trksid=p2047675.c100008.m2219

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Juno - David Bowie Loving The Alien (1983 - 1988) 125 tracks FLAC digital download £12.49
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Posted 15th Oct 2018Posted 15th Oct 2018
Juno - David Bowie Loving The Alien (1983 - 1988) 125 tracks FLAC digital download £12.49£12.49
Not sure if this is a glitch or if this is what the site thinks Bowie's 80s music is worth. This is 125 tracks from the fourth David Bowie boxset. This focuses on his work from 198… Read more
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Heard back from Juno customer services. They've added the songs so they appear again in my account. I'm pleased as it did not take long to get a reply to my enquiry.


The Flac files in the compressed folders are randomly stored. Something like song 99 is found in compressed folder 4. Bit odd how the folder contents are a bit random. Haven't started listening to it all yet. I have ended up with 125 songs (y) Hopefully all fault free.


Thanks for looking into it and your help. I probably should have just edited that post and put 'Ignore this comment'. I didn't want fellow members to spend time trying to help; as I had sorted it. As the comment had only gone live a few minutes, I thought it could be deleted without anyone noticing it. You were quick :) I like some of Bowie's stuff and this was a cheap deal. Years ago I was given as a present, a DVD of Bowie songs and music videos. The Dancing in th Street music video with Mick Jagger, always makes me laugh from their dancing antics and facial expressions. This deal reminds me of the Pink Floyd massive album mp3 collection, which I got via a deal posted on here, from Amazon.


I paid but haven’t downloaded yet. it’s still available in my account though. Hope they do same thing with Kate Bush remasters


I wasn't questioning why you deleted it :) I was going to reply, but got distracted looking it up and following a Google trail...Before I knew it you'd deleted your post and I'd downloaded it free whilst researching it (cheeky) I'm not a massive Bowie fan but I can appreciate the value in this (y)

AV Link Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones (black) £16.25 Delivered @ Juno Records
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Posted 26th Aug 2017Posted 26th Aug 2017
AV Link Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones (black) £16.25 Delivered @ Juno Records
*Black OOS, but Red still available, & White versions at CPC* UK Delivery Royal Mail 1st Class: Free Model Number: Black 100.550UK Also in Pink or Red, see Post #1. White avai… Read more
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@fablanta, thanks, you're right enough - CPC have a few other colours of these. Black (as you mentioned) £16.48 Inc VAT http://cpc.farnell.com/av-link/pbh10-blk/bluetooth-headphones-black/dp/AV26622 Pink £17.94 Inc VAT http://cpc.farnell.com/av-link/100-554uk/bluetooth-headphones-pink/dp/AV27106 Blue £17.94 Inc VAT http://cpc.farnell.com/av-link/100-553uk/bluetooth-headphones-blue/dp/AV27105


Just ordered the red ones, hope they turn up, and not OOS!


I don't know why everybody with a brain has got it in for The Donald. They keep waiting for him to make his first mistake but so far, according to him, no boobs yet (although he may have, inadvertently, groped a few). Anybody who thinks he may have erred is just the sad victim of fake news (fact).


Hey, I've got "Trump Coloured" headphones! Way to make me hate them! (cheeky) Just kidding.


Thanks Louise x2. No black left, pink sold out (darn it) and the red looked suspiciously Trump coloured so I went with the white from CPC-Farnell UPDATE: just noticed they also had 54 of the black for the same £16.48 (Free P&P over £5) as the white.

Ableton Push 2 + Live 9 Intro - £499 @ Juno Records
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Posted 27th Jul 2017Posted 27th Jul 2017
Ableton Push 2 + Live 9 Intro - £499 @ Juno Records£499
I've been after one of these for a while, since selling my original Push last Christmas. The going rate everywhere else is £599, so a 20% saving. It vary rarely drops in price, s… Read more

Good deal but the pedant in me needs to clarify that this is 16.6% cheaper than others. They are 20% more expensive than this though oO


Have a push.. still need to use it more... don't need a push 2 .. don't need a push 2... don't need a... It's a good price though :-) Heat!


Awesome bit of kit for all those producers who don't play keyboard, like me ;)


Heat for the balls to post such niche interest deal.


Nice find, heated.

NEKTAR Nektar Impact LX49 USB Controller Keyboard with Studio One Artist Audio Production Software vinyl at Juno Records. £93.99
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Posted 4th Feb 2017Posted 4th Feb 2017
NEKTAR Nektar Impact LX49 USB Controller Keyboard with Studio One Artist Audio Production Software vinyl at Juno Records. £93.99£93.99
seems like a good price for 49 keys!!
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Will post any others I find, hard to get a 49 key with drum pads on for under 100 though it seems


Nooooooooooooooooo! Just got the OK from the missus. Gutted.


Sold out :( Wish I bought it last night!


Ive never used the software before but it seems pretty simple; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lk2oJNw01OQ Looks like everything is mapped up to the keyboard so it can be easily picked up!


I'm interested in getting this. My daughter has expressed an interest in playing the piano and I wouldn't mind getting back into making music, but I have no experience of using modern software (I used to make dance tracks using the old Tracker software beards ago!). How good is this Studio One and is it easy enough to pick up?

Active Reference  Monitors inc. iso pads, Mackie CR3, £76.50, Juno
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Posted 9th Dec 2015Posted 9th Dec 2015
Active Reference Monitors inc. iso pads, Mackie CR3, £76.50, Juno£76.50
Delivery is free and if you phone in, they'll lower the price by few quid. Premium, high-performance components, front-panel controls, pro sound quality and features. - 1/8" to st… Read more

got these for around 60 in black friday sales.


Are these the same ones on Amazon at £71 Mackie CR3


why the cold votes?

5 Guitar Multi Rack Stand £17.50 (+del), Juno
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Posted 7th Dec 2015Posted 7th Dec 2015
5 Guitar Multi Rack Stand £17.50 (+del), Juno£17.50
Nice xmas prez for multi-guitarists. They also have a version for 7 guitars for 25p more! Product No. 526160-01

Come on, surely there are guitars lying about everywhere. A daughter will often have an acoustic, a boy an electric or a bass, while average dad should at least have an acoustic, a semi and a solid body (unless he's a drummer, which is a different kettle of fish). That makes a 5-guitar rack just about enough. Besides, doesn't one feel naked without having a guitar, a tablet and a bluetooth speaker in every room of the house?


Damn you I was going to say that!


Nice I could do with this. I only have 2 guitars. My Ibanez acoustic recently fell, from leaning against the wall next to my bed. Headstock clean off :( The dangers of not having a stand or rack


was about to get the 7 guitar model but it's out of stock


nice rack!

Active Studio Monitors Kurzweil KS40A under £70 with free delivery
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Posted 7th Dec 2015Posted 7th Dec 2015
Active Studio Monitors Kurzweil KS40A under £70 with free delivery£69
Housed in a heavy, thick-walled and non-resonant wood cabinet, the Kurzweil KS-40A speakers sport a magnetically shielded 2-way bass reflex design and a compact footprint. Featuri… Read more

In stock


They are sold out now, but available for the same price through Ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kurzweil-KS40A-Studio-Referencing-Monitors-DJ-Bedroom-Hi-Fi-Speakers-KS-40A-PAIR-/191137404659?hash=item2c80ad56f3:g:seIAAOSwyQtVr8RT


This looks like a good deal as its for a PAIR of monitors. The picture of the rear of the speaker shows the inputs (there are lots!) and the volume and base. I have an active speaker set up 5.1 The speakers have amps on board I use an AV Amp with PRE OUTS I run the PRE OUTs to my speakers The AV AMP does the decoding (DTS, etc) and the sound comes through the speakers as expected. I could use a DTS Decoder but these are expensive. So I use and AV AMP but bypass the Amp using the preouts. I also use a Behringer DI unit between the speakers and the Amp http://www.thomann.de/gb/behringer_di4000_ultra_di_pro.htm This sits between the my main bank of wall sockets (that are connected in wall cables to remote sockets then via patch cables to the speakers) Setup works fine (except my Onkyo amp was a bit crap - reliability - sound was great) switched to a newer Marantz All the speakers I got were from Juno - First class service, good prices.


Damn you and your impulse-purchase-bait, hukd! Was (thinking of) looking for a better set of no nonsense PC speakers to replace my old naff ones, not interested in surround and just good sound. Looks like I got the last set in stock.


Cheapest delivery option takes them to £71.49, whilst OP's post states free delivery.

Korg Electribe Sampler ESX2 Music Production Station £278 @ Juno
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Posted 30th Nov 2015Posted 30th Nov 2015
Korg Electribe Sampler ESX2 Music Production Station £278 @ Juno£278
Cheapest I've found this by far! At £278 including shipping. If there's a better deal out there I really want to know!!

Not really true - Although the synth/sampling engine may not have changed all that much, it's a full 16 channel sequencer, meaning it can work very well in the middle of a larger live setup. No song mode and only 64 steps though so it's purely for arranging on the fly.


I used to love the look of my old red and blue electribes. disappointed to hear it's just the same hardware inside


These new Electribes have the same hardware as the old ones from 2002.....Korg are acting like technology hasn't changed since then.


This is the new one - looks quite plain compared to the original.


Wow Electribes still exist? Heat added :)

Novation Launchpad S Control Pack - £125.99 @ Juno Records
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Posted 18th Mar 2015Posted 18th Mar 2015
Novation Launchpad S Control Pack - £125.99 @ Juno Records£125.99
Juno are doing 10% off this (already discounted) bundle, making it £6 more than a Launchpad S on its own. Free next day delivery. The Novation Launchpad S Control Pack includes 2 … Read more

That is more for 1/4 mile drag racing @santapod or some Silverstone track days ;-)


Are the rockets included?

Tascam DR05 Version 2 Digital Audio Recorder With 4GB Micro SD Card £69.00 @ Juno Records
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Posted 3rd Mar 2015Posted 3rd Mar 2015
Tascam DR05 Version 2 Digital Audio Recorder With 4GB Micro SD Card £69.00 @ Juno Records£69
Tascam DR-05 Portable Recorder £69.00 (Including VAT & P&P) NOTE: - This is Version 2 and comes with a 4gb Card not 2gb in older versions. Tascam Site Full Info: - http:/… Read more

deja vu plus four quid.

Ei8htball Ex811 Earphones (white) @ juno £26.08
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Posted 24th Feb 2015Posted 24th Feb 2015
Ei8htball Ex811 Earphones (white) @ juno £26.08£26.08
these have some great reviews, normally around the 31 mark on Amazon, shame there isn't any free delivery for Juno! Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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​from ?


These earphones have superb sound quality. They are much better than my £100 denons and my mates £90 shures. These are probably the best earphones under a £100 by a long stretch. I used to have a pair of shure 535 earphones which at the time were regarded as being the best you could buy. They were absolutely stunning. But these eight balls represent amazing value and even better quality sound. They are also extremely efficient and go very loud for those with sound limiters on their player( ie Sony )


The price is out of date, they are advertised for £21.25


just got them, really fast delivery! think I prefer them to other cheaper earphones like the beats, soundmagic and seinheiser ones! feel like really good quality and sound great


I'd never buy earphones from eBay again... always fakes

12" / 80s New Wave & 12" / 80s Chilled - Juno Download - £5.99 each - 35 top 80s extended tracks on each release @ Juno Records
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Posted 6th Nov 2014Posted 6th Nov 2014
12" / 80s New Wave & 12" / 80s Chilled - Juno Download - £5.99 each - 35 top 80s extended tracks on each release @ Juno Records£5.99
the excellent 12" / 80s series has released two more stellar collections of sometimes rare 12" mixes. As always the tracks are quite eclectic and not everythings for everyone! th… Read more

12″/80s Chilled Disc 1 1. Glittering Prize (Club Mix / 2012 Remaster) / Simple Minds 2 Save A Prayer / Duran Duran 3 Let Me Go (12” Extended Version / 2006 Remaster) Heaven 17 4 Tainted Dub / Where Did Our Love Go? / Soft Cell 5 Christian (Extended Mix) / China Crisis 6 Shout (US Dub Version) / Tears For Fears 7 Extended Souvenir (2003 Remaster) OMD 8 I Second That Emotion / Japan 9 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Dub Version) / Culture Club 10 Too Shy (Midnight Mix) / Kajagoogoo 11 Hunting High And Low (Extended Remix) / A-Ha 12 Rapture (Special Disco Mix 2001 Remaster) / Blondie Disc 2 1 Hold Me Now (Extended Version) / The Thompson Twins 2 Forbidden Colours / David Sylvian 3 Hide And Seek (Extended Version) / Howard Jones 4 Feels Like Heaven (12″ Version) / Fiction Factory 5 Wouldn’t It Be Good (Extended 12″ Mix) / Nik Kershaw 6 Love Beat / The Art Of Noise 7 Out Of Touch (Dub Version) / Hall and Oates 8 Rage Hard (Young Person’s Guide Into The 12 Inch Mix Version) / Frankie Goes To Hollywood 9 Tinseltown In The Rain (2012 Remaster) / The Blue Nile 10 Half A Minute (Extended Version) / Matt Bianco 11 Love Games / Level 42 Disc 3 1 Human (Extended Version) / The Human League 2 Life In A Northern Town (Extended Mix) / The Dream Academy 3 Driving Away From Home (Wicked Weather For Walking) / It’s Immaterial 4 The Perfect Kiss (Extended Version) / New Order 5 Madam Butterfly (On The Fly Mix) / Malcolm McLaren 6 Josephine (La Version Francaise) / Chris Rea 7 Poison Arrow (Jazz Remix) / ABC 8 Don’t Dream It’s Over (Extended Version) / Crowded House 9 Shattered Dreams (12″ Extended Mix / 2008 Remaster) / Johnny Hates Jazz 10 Surrender (Stuff Gun Mix) / Swing Out Sister 11 Slave To Love (12″ Remix) / Bryan Ferry 12 Lovesong (Extended Mix) / The Cure 12" / 80s New Wave Disc 1 1 Sweat In Bullet (Remix) / Simple Minds 2 The Freeze (Extended Version) / Spandau Ballet 3 Planet Earth (Night Version) / Duran Duran 4 All Stood Still (Extended Version) / Ultravox 5 Talk Talk (Extended Mix) / Talk Talk 6 Visage (Extended Dance Mix) / Visage 7 Working With Fire And Steel (Fire And Steel Mix) / China Crisis 8 Move On (Extended Version) / Fashion 9 Telegraph (Extended Version) / OMD 10 I Could Be Happy (Martin Rushent Remix) / Altered Images 11 Blind Vision (Extended Version) / Blancmange 12 Call Me (Extended Version) / Blondie Disc 2 1 Don’t You Want Me (Extended Dance Mix / 2012 Remaster) / The Human League 2 European Son (Extended Remix) / Japan 3 I Ran (Club Mix) / A Flock Of Seagulls 4 Is It A Dream (Extended Version) / Classix Nouveaux 5 Who’ll Stop The Rain / Heaven 17 6 The Other Side Of Love (Remixed Extended Version) / Yazoo 7 In The Name Of Love (Extended Version) / The Thompson Twins 8 She Blinded Me With Science / Thomas Dolby 9 White Boy (Extended Mix) / Culture Club 10 The Way You Are (Extended Version) / Tears For Fears 11 Where The Heart Is (Extended Version) / Soft Cell 12 Close To Me (Extended Version) / The Cure Disc 3 1 She’s Lost Control (Extended Version) / Grace Jones 2 The Earth Dies Screaming / UB40 3 Ghost Town (Extended Version) / The Specials 4 Temptation (Extended Version) / New Order 5 The Telephone Always Rings (Extended Version) / The Fun Boy Three 6 Twist and Crawl (Extended Version) / The Beat 7 One Thing Leads To Another (Extended Version) / The Fixx 8 Stay (Remix) / The Blue Nile 9 The Promise (Coliseum Club Mix) / When In Rome 10 All I Need Is Everything (Remix) / Aztec Camera 11 Silver (Tidal Wave) / Echo And The Bunnymen

Taylor Swift - 1989 - Download - £3.99 (192 kbps) / £4.99 (320kbps) - Junodownload
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Posted 5th Nov 2014Posted 5th Nov 2014
Taylor Swift - 1989 - Download - £3.99 (192 kbps) / £4.99 (320kbps) - Junodownload£3.99
Huge DJ download site that also has some 'mainstream' tracks as well. Currently code DANCE20 gives 20% off all downloads, so Taylor Swift's new album is £3.99 for 192 kbps downloa… Read more

You got a source for this?


Let me get this straight - the cheapest price anywhere else right now is £8.99 and people are complaining because you have a choice between paying £4.99 for MP3 quality equivalent to Amazon/iTunes/Google or getting a reduction to £3.99 for a lower bitrate quality? And people say Taylor Swift was daft for pulling her music from Spotify! :p Juno's differing prices are probably borne out of the notion that smaller files = cheaper bandwidth, plus they are a business-to-business seller (for commercial DJs), not just for private use, so there is likely a licensing element in their pricing too.


No idea why differing prices, however that aside this is £8.99 to download from Amazon (at whatever their bitrate rate is!!) so it seemed a good deal if there are any Taylor Swift fans on here!! Perhaps its karma for all the cold votes I have given over time (_;)


Two seperate prices for a different bitrate...What a joke! Super hyper cold from me..


Juno is as good as Spotify. They sell on an album they purchase once to make money. This site is as good as illegal downloading

Sound LAB Retro Sony Walkman Style Headphones (Star Lord) - Juno Records - £5.48 Delivered
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Posted 1st Sep 2014Posted 1st Sep 2014
Sound LAB Retro Sony Walkman Style Headphones (Star Lord) - Juno Records - £5.48 Delivered£5.48
"Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga" So, you've seen Guardian's of the Galaxy and want to get on some of that… Read more

Ally mcbeal too!


If you look harder enough I'm sure they'll be had in poundshop


blablabla derp derp mimimmimi.


Ha. I love this website.


Because for me I already got my fix without this deal or GotG