Jurassic Park Blu Ray £2 @ Poundland Staines

Jurassic Park Blu Ray £2 @ Poundland Staines

Posted 5th OctAvailable: National
Life found a way.

Label says ‘new’ so I presume it is... new, and not used.

The Martian 3D/2D is also available as seen in the photo.

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Yep, 2nd hand blu-ray.
How's this a bargain??
Should be £1
Haircut_10005/10/2019 13:17

But the sticker on it does say New though.

Sorry my bad, I thought Replay indicated it was used.
peter1969uk05/10/2019 13:19

Sorry my bad, I thought Replay indicated it was used.

Replay means it’s been refurbished and it’s as good as new I think. I’d still not pay more than £1 for anything in Poundland.
East Staines or West Side?
Should be renamed pound(ish)land.
these are usually sealed and pretty new /flawless

its same as the current CEX price for it anyway and they are definitely used in CEX and in pretty rough and battered boxes often with poor quality reprinted covers

they usually have lots of copies of Jurassic world in there too
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They sell new and used ones. Pretty easy to spot the new ones as they have NEW on the price sticker. Like this one.
Im more interested in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Martian, doubt they"ll have those at my local, for the past 6 months they,ve had the same crap thats not even worth £2
Hold on to your butts
Replay - New
sn106w05/10/2019 15:20

There’s always one..

It's a valid question. I wouldn't want to be browsing through blu rays with the all that speed garage in the background.
sn106w05/10/2019 17:49

[Image] Replay - New

Heat Added, In most cases NEW means they are BRAND NEW never watched or so I thought until I recently purchased a film that had a NEW Sticker, but once I opened the box I noticed the UV digital copy was missing, still I continue to buy Blu-rays from Poundland you can find some real gems for £2 and are well worth it..
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Bini78605/10/2019 13:16

Should be £1

They all were until Poundland realised how popular blu-rays are in terms of sale. I even made a deal with my stash and what was available. Now all BRs are £2 which is no longer VFM as they are much cheaper on CEX/eBay.
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