Jurassic Park: Ultimate Trilogy (Blu-Ray) £6.50 Delivered (Using Code) @ Zoom

Jurassic Park: Ultimate Trilogy (Blu-Ray) £6.50 Delivered (Using Code) @ Zoom

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All three films from the 'Jurassic Park' trilogy.

In 'Jurassic Park' (1993) eccentric scientist John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) plans to open a theme park consisting of live dinosaurs, genetically engineered from DNA found in a preserved prehistoric mosquito. Archaeologists Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) are invited to view the park, along with chaos theory expert Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), only to find themselves being hunted when the dinosaurs break free.

In 'The Lost World - Jurassic Park' (1997) the action takes us four years on from the events documented in the previous film, when dinosaurs have bred on the neighbouring site of Isla Sorna. Park founder John Hammond (Attenborough) gets back in touch with Ian Malcolm (Goldblum) and asks him to join his girlfriend Sarah (Julianne Moore), who is already on the island, hoping that together they might be able to explain recent events there. But they are all unaware that a rival expedition is on its way to the island with plans to capture the dinosaurs and take them back to the mainland.

'Jurassic Park 3' (2001) has Dr Alan Grant (Neill) approached by the Kirbys (William H. Macy and Tea Leoni), a wealthy couple who want a guide to escort them on a flight over Isla Sorna. Grant agrees to take the flight; but almost as soon as they are over the island, the Kirbys move the goalposts and attempt a landing. It seems their son got lost on a previous visit and the Kirbys have mounted this expedition in order to get him back; nevertheless, it's not long before a first dinosaur attack disables the plane and the rescue party finds itself stranded and at the mercy of the island's prehistoric inhabitants.


ordered, thanks OP


Worth noting that 'The Lost World' no longer redeems via Flixster due to an error if you're after UV. Good price, heat from me

Thanks, treated myself

if any not using there code i will take it. heat for price


if any not using there code i will take it. heat for price

It's a general store code, everyone can use it.

Cold from me. You're subjected to two poor follow ups. You're better off spending £6 for JP 3D edition that comes with normal BR and digital copy too. Great 3D movie to boot.
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