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Seiko Astron Watch GPS Solar Dual Time Titanium - £1,410 @ C W Sellors (Jura Watches)
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Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Quality tech, comparatively good price Potential further 10% on email newsletter sign up The look is subjective I like it
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This thread sums up UK hot deals. Blah blah pay that for a seiko blah blah. Shows how ignorant and clueless they are when it comes to watches, which is fine, some people aren’t interested. But those who know, or likely to be interested know how seiko is though of in watch circles. Anyone with a taste in higher end watches, will at some point of had or contemplated buying a good seiko.


Great looking watch with premium materials and craftsmanship. Thinnest solar GPS watch with heritage. But too expensive for me blood.


Only ones which you wouldn't buy because they look like £100 Casio's and that's my point!


Lots of expensive watches just look like a £100 Casio.


Crazy engineering to produce this amazing piece of tech which I appreciate but does just look like a £100 casio!

Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire at CW Sellors for £442.90
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Posted 11th MarPosted 11th Mar
Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire at CW Sellors for £442.90
The Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire watch is the perfect fitness smartwatch for those looking to get into shape while on the move. It is considered the ultimate multisport GPS watch and i… Read more

I am in the same boat looking at the 5 plus or 735xt but you have to join to find out the exact discount :( any help would be great too. This code does onock the price of the plus down to 450 so hot for me


Anyone know how much discount I could get off vivoactive 3 music or forerunner 645 with nus?....just in case I should try and find an owner of one!


i'm guessing you are referring to the version with the titanium bracelet ? the one with a black band is £749 without the discount.


Thanks, I had a second look because of this. £999, reduced to £899 with the code!! It's cheaper on the official Garmin site (£949.99) and you can get the NUS discount (up to 40%)


There's a 5x plus one the site and the code should bring down the price.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music (Black Steel) - £200 (With Code) @ CW Sellors
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Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music (Black Steel) - £200 (With Code) @ CW Sellors
I've been looking for one of these now they support offline Spotify, to replace my Samsung Gear Sport. The site are currently offering 15% off (applied using GARMIN15 towards the … Read more

I have this and have used both Deezer and Spotify. After a spotty start where Deezer wouldn't work for a few weeks when they first did the app (due to a bug) it is excellent. The watch itself is pretty brilliant. No idea why the cheapest price for it is being voted cold.


Awesome watch, but is often available cheaper. I got mine (VA3 Music) direct from Garmin for £179 when it came out last year. Still a heck of a lot of watch for £200. Even includes Garmin Pay if you're with Santander or Starling


I have the non-music version of this and it's great. Battery life is decent (seem to get around a week including a couple hours running & swimming).


It's an amazing price, Spotify and Deezer supported


Not sure why cold; looks a good price to me. Thanks for posting @simon.blay and welcome to hotukdeals.

Garmin Tactix Charlie Smartwatch £496.49 @ CW Sellors
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Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Garmin Tactix Charlie Smartwatch £496.49 @ CW Sellors
Garmin Taxtix charlie smartwatch reduced to £551 but with voucher code GMN10 available to reduce to £496.49. guess this is a bargain as pricespy shows cheapest it has been at £613

So it still doesn't have any of the "Plus" features, like Garmin Pay, topological maps, and music playback?


Also has the sapphire crystal glass, makes this quite compelling to me.


The Garmin Tactix Charlie is basically the same as the Fenix 5x. It is just designed to be more 'tactical'. ie different metal case, and the display works with night vision goggles. And maybe a few extra features in the software. You can probably find a better deal for the Fenix 5x, especially now that the 5x Plus is available.


Can it play Crossy road though? Mine can.

Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic H70535131 £462 CW Sellors
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Posted 15th FebPosted 15th Feb
Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic H70535131 £462 CW Sellors
Absolute steal. 40% off so down to £462. Insane value for what you get. I’ve ordered from Jura in the past and they have been great. I would buy myself, but I already own numerous … Read more
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Just an FYI, 42mm in that case style is going to look big.




I might well take you up on that offer if the one I am meant to have coming falls through. (y)


Not yet, but please don’t put ideas in my head. I’m on the verge of getting a beating from the wife if I buy any more (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Have you seen the Inerstellar one? That's a nice looking one imo.

40% Off this Fortis Flieger watch! Was £1500 now £900 @ CW Sellors
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Posted 28th Oct 2018Posted 28th Oct 2018
I bought this watch at the original price around 3yrs ago and still is a timeless classic today. Fortis manufactured the world's first automatic watch and this design is widely re… Read more
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I'd suggest skipping past future luxury watch posts if you don't get it...studded in diamonds, lol, vom...


What the hell is this watch made out of? £1500 watch (reduced to £900). For £1500, I would expect the watch to be ridiculously high tech or be studded in diamonds or made from gold or platinum. Even more crazy is that people actually buy these watches for these ridiculously inflated prices.


Expired. Not available to purchase


Thanks god.


I picked up a Glycine combat 6 from them for just under £400 on Friday. Pretty great deal, but I didn't post, as it was the last one! This looks nice, heated!

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Jura Watches four day winter sale - upto 40% Off
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Posted 15th Feb 2018Posted 15th Feb 2018
Jura Watches four day winter sale - upto 40% Off
Jura Watches are having a four day winter sale with up to 40% off.

It would bug me too, to be honest and I get that. I don't buy what they're telling you. If a product you buy isn't in the condition you expected, you are entitled to a replacement, return or repair. The key thing about the Sale of Goods Act, as far as I understand what I read, is that this is your choice to make according to the state the goods are in. It isn't up to the retailer to dictate to you how to proceed. I'd take advice before doing what they have said. Here's one interesting comment I just found on a Solicitor's website after a quick search: The Sale of Goods Act amendment in March 2012 states that if a fault occurs with a product within the first 6 months of purchase, the consumer is entitled to assume that it was sold to them with the defect present. This means that the goods were not of a reasonable standard at the time of purchase and the vendor is in breach of their statutory and contractual obligations, whereby the Act protecting customers through their statutory consumer rights. I'd say the watch has a manufacturing fault or defect and therefore you can invoke this clause.


Yes indeed. I think I've read everything about it today! I simply can't keep it, as it would bug me forever, and I don't want a brand new watch opened and 'repaired'. Jura have told me I have to return it, they then send it to Seiko for assessment and if they agree it's not acceptable they can either fix, replace or refund. They told me it could take weeks! This has royally pee'd me off!


Interesting. Just been looking at mine through a magnifying glass and it is out a little. When I say a little, I had to really look for it and I'm talking a fraction of a mm. I'm not seeing it easily enough to want to get it sorted. After Googling this, it seems it's a common problem with the Asia issued Turtles across the board. Some of the western market ones have it too. It can be easily fixed by taking the movement out and making a slight adjustment of the chapter ring. There's enough play in them once the movement is removed to realign as much as you'd need to. I guess this is a QC problem and is really surprising. Here's a comment from one of the watchuseek forum threads about it: You'll find the chapter ring isn't a tight fit on the dial, there is room for adjustment. If you keep the marker lined up at 12 then swivel the chapter ring to the right (or the dial to the left) at the six o'clock position you will end up with the 12 and 6 o'clock markers lined up. Then you should be able to line up the 9 o'clock marker by moving the dial up or down until they are all spot on. They usually get moved out of line by tightening the caseback down when the movement hasn't been fully pressed into the case, the caseback attempts to twist the plastic movement/casing ring as it rotates whilst being tightened.


I got mine this morning too. That's an extremely rare issue for a Seiko! In 30yrs of collecting their watches, I haven't seen that happen once. Jura should take it back as faulty and replace it. It's a clear manufacturing defect.


I've received my Padi today. How about you? I'm not impressed, as the chapter ring (internal red marker) doesn't align with the 6 marker :(

Bulova Watch Lunar Pilot Chronograph £288.90 with code @ Jura watches
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Posted 13th Feb 2018Posted 13th Feb 2018
Bulova Watch Lunar Pilot Chronograph £288.90 with code @ Jura watches
Use JURA10 for 10% off also available with interest free credit over 6,9 or 12 months. These have a bit of a cult following: http://forums.watchuseek.com/f2/bulova-moonwatch-re-e… Read more

Me too (highfive)


If it is discontinued used prices should rise.


Ordered last night, whilst half asleep in bed. Another shop cancelled my order and amazon removed it from their site. Supplier had been taking weeks. Apparently it's discontinued Here's hoping Jura don't cancel on me too


I hope you get it as a gift or can afford one soon.


Quartz watch cold for me

Oris Big Crown ProPilot. Automatic wristwatch. (25% + 15% off today) £675.50 @ Jurawatches
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Posted 26th Dec 2017Posted 26th Dec 2017
Oris Big Crown ProPilot. Automatic wristwatch. (25% + 15% off today) £675.50 @ Jurawatches
25% off + "BD15" for 15% off only for today. Probably will go cold, but nearly 40% off something that is rarely discounted. Hope it helps someone :) This Oris Big Crown ProPilot… Read more



Voted hot! Includes a free £99.00 watch winder (pop-up offer) and 8.4 % TCB? Too small for me (41 mm) but undoubtedly a gorgeous watch at a good price!


Wow you really need to improve your troll game. :|


It does have street cred founded in 1904. They have quite a range of watches and sponsor Williams F1 real quality watches.


Oris are a very reputable Swiss brand. Mid-tier horology at a very competitive price.

Fortis Cosmonaut A.M automatic Swiss watch £1680 - jurawatches.co.uk
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Posted 28th Jul 2017Posted 28th Jul 2017
Fortis Cosmonaut A.M automatic Swiss watch £1680 - jurawatches.co.uk
Fortis Cosmonaut AM watch. A derivative of the model used in the International space station MIR. Been as much as £3500 in the UK, a recent Jomoshop (US) sale seems to have had a … Read more
Casio G-Shock £42 @ Jura Watches
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Posted 16th Feb 2017Posted 16th Feb 2017
Casio G-Shock £42 @ Jura Watches
Cheap watch delivery included in price [image missing] - aj2001
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And now £51 from Amazon....




Decent watch if you are into Smaller G shocks, personally I like the signature, chunkier sized G shocks (normal sized G shocks are bigger than this watch, so those expecting a normal chunky G shock, this isn't for you)


£30.89 on Amazon Warehouse deal, but no warranty


​dual time as well, my offshore colleagues could sit at their desk eating cat sandwiches whilst looking at pictures of cheese online

The cheapest real U-Boat Watch (Classico) £1,293.76 delivered with free gift @ C W Sellors - Jura Watches
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Posted 8th Jan 2017Posted 8th Jan 2017
The cheapest real U-Boat Watch (Classico) £1,293.76 delivered with free gift @ C W Sellors - Jura Watches
This is the cheapest U-Boat watch I can find. Of course, it`s not as sophisticated as the more expensive watches. U-Boat Classico 45 AB4 2 5569. This new generation U-BOAT sports a… Read more

Real craftmanship is getting harder to find nowadays, people just go through life doing a job, not many have pride in what they do. Never bought a new car in my life (couldnt afford if i wanted to lol), i couldnt do without a car here but its certainly not my pride and joy, it gets me and the kids from a to b and thats what matters most.


I wear an Omega Seamster Planet Ocean which costs more than this second hand. Within 30 minutes of owning it I scratched it and thought fcuk it. I have had it 8 years it is very badly scratched. But, it is a beautiful machine made by craftsmen and if I had it polished and a new bezel put on it I would get more than I paid for it, actually quite a bit more. I love it and when I croak my son will get it. You can't say the same thing about your car. I will never understand why people spend a fortune on cars when you can get a good one cheaply second hand that won't depreciate like a stone in the sea.


road tax on a new bentley costs less than a vauxhall corsa


most expensive thing on a womans hand should be ......... washing up liquid


Never married, she was wooed by a gigalo but i got the house and kids. And lots of lady friends, like i said, happy is me :-)

Casio Mens Watch £23.75 Del @ Jura watches
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Posted 8th Jan 2017Posted 8th Jan 2017
Casio Mens Watch £23.75 Del @ Jura watches
Cheap watch £23.75 free next day delivery
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it's a men's watch fyi - anyone interested

Hugo Boss watch Jura watches £83.40 @ Jura Watches
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Posted 27th Dec 2016Posted 27th Dec 2016
Hugo Boss watch Jura watches £83.40 @ Jura Watches
Nice watch free next day delivery free gift wrap RRP £139
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Certina Swiss watch Jura watches £126 @ CW Sellors
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Posted 27th Dec 2016Posted 27th Dec 2016
Certina Swiss watch Jura watches £126 @ CW Sellors
Nice Swiss watch for the price of a fashion brand watch, RRP £210 free next day delivery and free gift wrapping
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Voted Hot, these watches are excellent. I have a Certina DS Podium which was £295, you can feel the quality on your wrist and it has that classy look


316L & sapphire is a great start. Shame they ruined it by making it a quartz. Mind you, other brands like Raymond Weil, Tag etc charge considerably more for the same, which is why i voted hot. Their mechanical watches from the '50s were pieces of art.

Hugo Boss watch Jura watches
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Posted 27th Dec 2016Posted 27th Dec 2016
Hugo Boss watch Jura watches
Nice watch RRP £129 free delivery free gift wrap !
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Oos shame as it's perfect as a gift for an 18th

Ladies Longines conquest jurawatches £360 @ CWSellors
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Posted 25th Dec 2016Posted 25th Dec 2016
Ladies Longines conquest jurawatches £360 @ CWSellors
Nice watch Swiss made Quartz RRP £480 free nest day delivery !
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I buy long jeans in primark for £10 they also sell short jeans...


why cold? good watch!

Jorg Gray watch JuraWatches  £64 CW Sellors
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Posted 25th Dec 2016Posted 25th Dec 2016
Jorg Gray watch JuraWatches £64 CW Sellors
Quartz 43mm Barack Obama wears this brand
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£160 now :(


Attractive watch!




Thanks seems good price and nice looking watch. More than double the price everywhere else.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Open Heart Watch £354.00 delivered @ CW Sellors
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Posted 26th Sep 2016Posted 26th Sep 2016
Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Open Heart Watch £354.00 delivered @ CW Sellors
Jura Watches Sale final day - 40% off (3.15% Topcashback) https://www.jurawatches.co.uk/collections/sale-watches/gender-mens Certina from £126 Tissot Couturier £156/ Automatic II… Read more

Most of them are still on the same sale price.


Some fantastic deals there. Hope it's still on tomorrow morning


MVC8ALL will take 8% off everything including sale :)


It supposed to work on all, I've even found some 8% code a while back (not sure if still valid). And if you're looking for smt that's not on sale, it's worth to talk to them, they've offered me 15% off on a full price watch.


Is that code EXTRA5 SAVE supposed to work on all watches? I just tried it but it didnt work.

Tissot Carson S men's watch £126 delivered @ CW Sellors
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Posted 16th Aug 2016Posted 16th Aug 2016
Tissot Carson S men's watch £126 delivered @ CW Sellors
Seems like a good price for a Tissot.

Good price for a Swiss made Quartz