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Tissot Couturier Day-Date Watch £423.74 @ C.W. Sellors jura watches
Posted 27th AugPosted 27th Aug
Tissot Couturier features the Powermatic 80 movement allowing a power reserve of up to 80 hours. Warranty Tissot Official 2 Year Guarantee Supplier Model No.T0354071105101 Case … Read more

How much for #1 and #6 ? XD


Got a French Connection watch in a bag somewhere must be 15 years old. Couldn't find it but found these. Only one I really wear now is the Garmin in middle. Must get rid of the others apart from a couple which are redundant :/ Could mention the fact that the name of watch in pic looks like the word problematic and the colour of the face but that could be, problematic. Not criticisng deal. All the watches in pic probably cost me about £400 and I only really wear the one that stalks me and tells me how unfit I am. Says more about me than anyone who is into watches!


Does the date go upto 999,999?


10 percent off if you sign up to newsletter


After 5 Months of lockdown or restrictions and the monotony of working from home, having the day of the week on a watch is becoming ever more popular. ;)

Oris Big Crown ProPilot Big Date Textile Watch £920 @ C.W. Sellors - Jura Watches
261° Expired
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Oris Big Crown ProPilot Big Date Textile Watch £920 @ C.W. Sellors - Jura Watches£920 Free P&P Free
Right, a tiny bit of work required to get this price but well, well worth 5 minutes of your time if you like the model. Market cross Jewellers have this Pro Pilot for £920 in the s… Read more

Nice specs.


Wonderful understated dial, just my cup of tea.


Watch investing is mainly pure tosh unless you managed to get hold of a Rolex sports model 5 plus years ago. Even then, yes they’ve doubled in price but any decent thought about investment in a stock tracker would have out beat it. Some can be worn and sold for what you paid for, most will simply depreciate 30% the moment you put it on your wrist and leave the shop. Unless the watch your buying is 10k plus, don’t even see it as an investment because frankly it’s stupid, buy what you like the look of and what you can afford. Some watches will inevitably rise but most will fall. To put it simply spending £2k on a tag straight out the shop you’re going to lose you’re money. Manage to get hold of a Rolex sports model for list price and it will rise. It’s not even worth thinking about.


Watches seem to currently be going through some kind of similar thing that Lego went through a couple of years ago - in around 2017 or 2018 some people somewhere got the idea that it was a great investment and money making scheme and then everyone tried to jump on the bandwagon and buy Lego sets to put away and make money off of when they were retired and all the news outlets started saying Lego investing was better than gold. I worked in a toy shop around that period and there was a massive sudden surge of people coming in asking for the big £100-£300 sets and asking if we knew in advance which ones were about to be discontinued so they could buy them all up to re-sell on eBay for double or triple the price etc. Watches have started going through the exact same thing ever since the whole Paul Newman Rolex Daytona record sale and then all the hype over vintage Rolex and vintage Omega Speedmaster's along with the 50 year moon landing anniversary. I don't think all this watch investing stuff is genuine, it's people just jumping on some bandwagon again trying to make money because they all think they can buy some special under the radar watch for £300 like the vintage Daytona then one day sell it for tens of thousands or millions.


Quite right. "Investment watch" is rubbish to an extent. How can a watch of £920 be an investment? It's as cheap to just save up a bit extra and buy a new one. It is, however, a really good brand that makes good watches that are at an accessible "lower tier luxury" price point. It's a great buy if you want a good quality watch but don't want to go full Rolex. Heat 🔥 Buy a watch to wear and enjoy first and foremost, and you'll be happy (y)

Bremont Watch Jaguar E-Type MKII White Plus TCB - £3970 @ C.W. Sellors - Jura Watches
-51° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Bremont Watch Jaguar E-Type MKII White Plus TCB - £3970 @ C.W. Sellors - Jura Watches£3,970 Free P&P Free
Bremont Watch Jaguar E-Type MKII White with 25% off plus a possible 2.5% top cashback. You also get to choose a free gift at checkout.

Nice 38mm chrono. Shame they still don't make these new anymore. As long as you buy well, I think you will have a better watch than the green alpinist.


Someone posted this in another thread. https://www.tkmaxx.com/uk/en/men/accessories/watches+jewellery/watches/khaki-pilot-pioneer-chronograph-watch/p/76081852


There are loads of there but a bit of research helps, YouTube is good for it. Maybe some Longines, Junghans, Sinn, Orient Star (the top end of Orient) etc etc. Hamilton is a good call....Tissot, Victorinox, Frederique Constant? Be careful, you may get hooked! (y)


For that range I'd wait on a good deal (set a keyword search on here) for a Hamilton. If you like Seiko's there are plenty to choose from, but I feel they are overpricing these days.


Between £400 n £700 for automatic watche

Hamilton Khaki Field ""The Murph": Automatic Watch - £667.99 @ CW Sellors
-69° Expired
Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
Hamilton Khaki Field ""The Murph": Automatic Watch - £667.99 @ CW Sellors£667.99£83520%
Not for everyone but one of my favourite watches right now , at a very good price from a UK AD Fans of the film Interstellar will now it .. Hamilton Watch Khaki Field The Murph… Read more

Those who advocate shaving hardlex. The monsters.


What are the “Baldex Lobby”?


Agree I do like the simple aesthetic of this watch and was going to buy recently but in my opinion it is just too big. Picked up a Cincinnati cincinatus instead for around £250 similar look but smaller with an okay seiko movement. https://www.cincinnatiwatch.com/watch/cincinnatus-field-watch



I like that watch too .. https://www.chisholmhunter.co.uk/hamilton-gents-khaki-pilot-pioneer-black-dial-brown-leather-strap.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgcn_0Jrm5wIVFODtCh14nQJoEAQYASABEgKOPfD_BwE

Hamilton Watch Khaki King Quartz D H64451533 40mm, 50M WR, Sapphire Crystal, Leather Strap £207 (Till Sunday) @ CW Sellors/Jura Watches
305° Expired
Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Hamilton Watch Khaki King Quartz D H64451533 40mm, 50M WR, Sapphire Crystal, Leather Strap £207 (Till Sunday) @ CW Sellors/Jura Watches£207
CW Sellors/Jura Watches has a sale till Sunday - here Update: Confirmed via Live Chat that the Sale prices are limited stocks, here (may be an ability to haggle a bit, your mi… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

The Sale is over as it's Monday morning, so technically it's Expired. Some of the prices still remain - though I'd be here all night price-checking them all :p


There's a 10% off code that appears as a pop up, not sure if it'll work with Sale prices - AV10JW (actually, just tested it now I'm at a Desktop PC - it doesn't work).


Ah. Seen a video of what I'd guess is a Junkers at a higher price point, but it had a press on back, so not for me.


I already have the first Save The Ocean (Samurai) or I may have bitten (embarrassed) Not sure if Josh will cave in at the £270 price, pester power works in real life, not always online :)


Brilliant detective work. The monster looks pretty cool. Would buy at 270

Seiko Watch Prospex Sumo Chrono - £450 (With Code) @ Jura Watches
210° Expired
Posted 28th JanPosted 28th Jan
Seiko Watch Prospex Sumo Chrono - £450 (With Code) @ Jura Watches£450£55018%
The new Solar Seiko Chronograph is available at CW Sellors at an unbeatable £450 (£100 off the cheapest UK authorized sellers sale price) 8% Quidco on full priced! Possible £414 … Read more

LOL, I only get it now. I've a Virus (no joke) so ain't feeling top tier. So have time to add some watch deals and banter to the threads. I had to ask what an elastic band was called earlier, I'm so fuzzy. There actually is the 'New' Seiko Save the Ocean Chronograph with the full face that is good value for £300 from CW Sellors with the £100 off That deserves a listing, voucher only valid 1 more day.


Pretty sure it was a joke.


Oh, I am Shrewd. Brands new £200 new from the USA. Didn't pay import tax, all was looking good.. I'm off work with a Virus, so am having fun answering comments, apologies if I don't make sense, I feel terrible, lo


I know the old Auto is Heavy, this Solar version might only be 'a bit heavy' true I've a few Titanium watches, old 'real' Titanium and new hardened Coated Ti. 40% lighter than Steel. I will likely never buy another Titanium (or Carbon) Watch again, they're too light, you soon get used to heavy Watches and get an aesthetic that makes you appreciate it more. Also read Dr No, Bond tells you of other reasons to wear Heavier Watches..


Oh, as Seiko Solar aren't really rock solid, an alternative watch would be a Seiko Monster, automatic and similar grade to Sumo, The £100 discount makes it £300 TBH if you don't know what a Monster is, I wouldn't be looking at a Sumo as they are a tool for a specific job with a lovely weight and size to them. They ain't no Cocktail Hour. https://www.jurawatches.co.uk/products/seiko-watch-prospex-the-monster-mens-srpd27k1?_pos=1&_sid=30b734f6c&_ss=r

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Hamilton Khaki Field Quartz H68411533 £207 @ Jura watches
35° Expired
Posted 28th JanPosted 28th Jan
Hamilton Khaki Field Quartz H68411533 £207 @ Jura watches£207£27625%
Best price I can find and Quidco cash back made it £202 all in delivered.

Yea mate, makes sense if it’s what you’re in the market for at the moment.


I have 3 Omega Autos and 1 CW Manual Wind. I don’t think my servicing budget can stretch much further. A cheap Quartz for wear and tear suits me down to the ground. Shouldn’t lose anything on it when I get bored in a few months either.


That old chestnut. It’s the first time I’ve used them, not sure if it’ll be the last. (y)


They lost a bit of credibility with me this week as well. They had that gold G-Shock for £299 that I would of bought but it was out of stock, so I clicked the option to be notified when stock comes back in. Next day I get a call (offer still live on their website) - sorry no stock but they can source one for me, however it’ll be £399 not £299. I politely decline. Next day it’s back in stock and available on their website, but no longer on sale... Hmmm! (flirt)


Showing as £345 for me. (confused)

Hamilton Watch Khaki Field Auto H70555533, £279 @ Jura watches
248° Expired
Posted 26th JanPosted 26th Jan
Hamilton Watch Khaki Field Auto H70555533, £279 @ Jura watches£279
Nice looking Hamilton, seems to retail around £400 mark Caliber :H-10 Case material :Stainless steel Crystal :Sapphire Movement : Automatic Power reserve :80-hour power reserve Ca… Read more

Clicking the link is £469 not £279


Great price and an amazing watch. So much better in person. Only caution is that I originally got the 42mm and those lugs are huge and extended beyond my wrist - 42mm watched are normally fine with me. Got the 38mm and it’s the perfect size. I paid almost 100 more than this price


Good price, think I paid about £350. I changed the strap on mine


You are jesting?. I suspect even the prime minister can wear what watch strap he likes. You must have one high profile job id they have a dress code on a watch strap.


Doesn't say Swiss Made at 6 o'clock

Seiko Prospex SRPD33K1 - dark green £228 @ Jura Watches
109° Expired
Posted 26th JanPosted 26th Jan
Seiko Prospex SRPD33K1 - dark green £228 @ Jura Watches£228£32329%
A good price for this Seiko automatic watch. Around 100 cheaper than anywhere else I can see online. This is the green version but quite a subtle dark green. Features include a 2-… Read more

Seiko seem to use day date less often, nice to see it here. Well made watch, my money would go on this before though > jurawatches.co.uk/products/seiko-watch-prospex-mens-sne543p1?_pos=33&_sid=32e126d80&_ss=r But TBH I'd buy a Quartz Hamilton for £207 And I have many Seiko..


Now seems to be OOS - will expire


Nice, different looking auto watch with decent movement and 200m WR at a good price. Heat from me.


She's a big of a unit


Like the look of it but is this Seiko's own shot? nobody see Mon is not aligned?

Seiko Presage Watch Cocktail Automatic SSA343J1 at CW Sellors for £239.40
89° Expired
Posted 25th JanPosted 25th Jan
Seiko Presage Watch Cocktail Automatic SSA343J1 at CW Sellors for £239.40£239.40£262.209%
Good price for this watch.

Not in stock



Seiko Watch 5 Sports SRPD51K1 £150 @ CWSellors
258° Expired
Posted 24th JanPosted 24th Jan
Seiko Watch 5 Sports SRPD51K1 £150 @ CWSellors£150
Quite a nice price of the new Seiko 5 model. There is also 10% off when you sign up! Seiko Watch 5 Sports Mens SRPD51K1. For over 50 years, Seiko watches 5 Sports has delivered co… Read more

Out of stock? Can't see any now.


As above, the 10% keeps getting posted but it is not valid with these sale watches.


"The 10% signup discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion."


I see you can also get the Green SRPD63K1 at circa £140. Link


This better than the Orient Ray 2 or Mako 2, I'm still after a daily wearer

Full Metal G-Shock Watch - GMW-B5000D-1ER £270 @ C.W Sellors
-61° Expired
Posted 24th JanPosted 24th Jan
Full Metal G-Shock Watch - GMW-B5000D-1ER £270 @ C.W Sellors£270£33720%
Been waiting for this to drop below £300, so I've taken the plunge. Very tempted by the blue one which is also at a decent price. I'm aware that this looks like a £10 job from Ar… Read more

Back in stock here mate on their other website if you want to keep it open. Wouldn't blame you for leaving it expired though given the reaction from the community to a great price.. https://www.jurawatches.co.uk/collections/mens-sale-watches/products/g-shock-watch-5000-series-gmw-b5000d-1er


Glad I got a price match approved by ex-communicado before it sold out. 30 days to ponder at leisure, but I have my eyes on this beauty.


Expired. Looking forward to getting mine. My job involves getting physical with people, I don’t think a £10 watch would stand up to the abuse I give it. Yes I could get a cheaper one, but I really like this one. I would urge people no to rise to bait. Don’t give them the satisfaction and pleasure they, bizarrely, seem to get from it.


Sold out now, guess you got your order in just in time (highfive)


True, you are correct. I have ordered two (y) One for each arm.

Garmin Watch Fenix 6X Pro Solar Carbon Gray DLC £721.65 @ Jura Watches
-132° Expired
Posted 15th JanPosted 15th Jan
Garmin Watch Fenix 6X Pro Solar Carbon Gray DLC £721.65 @ Jura Watches£721.65£84915%
Using the code NY15 gives 15% off for this fantastic new watch. Jura also have 0% finance option to purchase also. I paid a deposit of £121.65 and got 0% interest over 24 months. … Read more

My mistake. I should learn not to look at stuff whilst on my spin bike!!!! (lol)


Sorry but you are mistaken. For example, Jura are only £551.65 for the 6x pro after the code.


It’s only the solar model that is cheaper with the code at Jura Watches as starting price is still £849 at First Class so thanks to Python for additional links for model variants https://www.firstclasswatches.co.uk/garmin-fenix-6x-pro-solar-titanium-carbon-grey-dlc-black-strap-010-02157-21-p-56867/


Tha Thanks for the links but both those watches are cheaper with Jura using the same NY15 code from this deal.


It’s the usual case of ignorants voting cold based on price rather than understanding the concept of a ‘deal’ I’m afraid. I nearly pulled the trigger on a Tactix but glad I waited. I’m doing the Laugavegur Trail soon so the ability of solar charging to extend battery life is helpful.

Grand Seiko Snowflake SBGA211 £4590 @ Jura Watches
170° Expired
Posted 26th Dec 2019Posted 26th Dec 2019
Grand Seiko Snowflake SBGA211 £4590 @ Jura Watches£4,590£5,40015%
Don’t think I’ve ever seen this on offer before. 15% off the RRP is a significant saving. Yes, it’s not a Rolex or Omega but it’s just as good if not better it some respects. Barga… Read more

Troll on.......


And yet you keep replying. AGAIN, the manufacturer spec is not my imagination, your ego is just too inflated to admit you were wrong. You tell me I’m talking waffle for quoting facts with evidence, but just look at your entire last post. Pathetic. So do you own either of the quartz watches I have linked with evidence of being more accurate? Or are you just “waffling on about something you know nothing about”? Double standards much? (confused)


Buy the watch enjoy / it hate it, discover how accurate / inaccurate it is. But get way from waffling on about something you know nothing about till you own the product. People are not really interested in comments from fantasy owners they like information from real owners. As I'm sure if you were to Google or take the time to read the link I posted for your benifit I'm not alone with others having similar measurements. But you don't want to know as it debunks your waffle. I'm sure your input would be appreciated if it was based on real world experience mate. Put your money where your mouth is and buy the product and then you would possibly have something worthwhile to regurgitate rather than your constant drooling over data sheets. There's a real world out there mate, enjoy it. And please stop trolling me!!!!. Your getting ever so tiresome, you were amusing when I was being dragged around tesco shopping but this is ridiculous. Bordering on stalking when I pointed out a flaw in your original statement and you spat out your man size dummy. Talking of which I'm off to my AD to see about another SD bye bye Michael , must dash toodle pip old bean ;) .


A watch thread I subscribe to on YouTube just happened to upload a video today about a quartz watch as well. Here's a quartz under £300 that also offers a rating of +-10 seconds a year. Just saying, you wanted more examples. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iIx9rSwd8E


You’ve deteriorated into childish nonsense. I don’t have to own something to comment on it. I’ve been clear since post 1 that I don’t own one, but also that I really like Spring Drive and may own one in the future. I’ve also been clear that the amateur measurement on a single unit are meaningless. The manufacturer, not me, has determined the relative performance to be expected out of their two movements. I 100% guarantee you that if the spec gave the advantage to the Spring Drive you’d be happy to rely on the evidence. Pathetic.

Raymond Weil Watch Maestro Skeleton Mens 2227-ST-65001 £847.50 @ Jura Watches
170° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2019Posted 25th Nov 2019
Raymond Weil Watch Maestro Skeleton Mens 2227-ST-65001 £847.50 @ Jura Watches£847.50£1,27033%
Amazing price for this watch Automatic Swiss made. Very much like Raymond Weil style as a luxurious Swiss watch that seems more affordable than Longines or Tag Heurers for this kin… Read more

I had mine approved


Funny that Jura claim the exact opposite


Price match with Goldsmiths declined due to this seller not being an authorised Raymond Weil dealer


Good spot, I'll edit the post and update it if they match... Easy way out policy.


Just noticed that it doesn’t include sale items

Seiko Astron Watch GPS Solar Dual Time Titanium - £1,410 @ C W Sellors (Jura Watches)
88° Expired
Posted 27th Apr 2019Posted 27th Apr 2019
Quality tech, comparatively good price Potential further 10% on email newsletter sign up The look is subjective I like it

This thread sums up UK hot deals. Blah blah pay that for a seiko blah blah. Shows how ignorant and clueless they are when it comes to watches, which is fine, some people aren’t interested. But those who know, or likely to be interested know how seiko is though of in watch circles. Anyone with a taste in higher end watches, will at some point of had or contemplated buying a good seiko.


Great looking watch with premium materials and craftsmanship. Thinnest solar GPS watch with heritage. But too expensive for me blood.


Only ones which you wouldn't buy because they look like £100 Casio's and that's my point!


Lots of expensive watches just look like a £100 Casio.


Crazy engineering to produce this amazing piece of tech which I appreciate but does just look like a £100 casio!

Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire at CW Sellors for £442.90
-77° Expired
Posted 11th Mar 2019Posted 11th Mar 2019
Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire at CW Sellors for £442.90£442.90£57924%
The Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire watch is the perfect fitness smartwatch for those looking to get into shape while on the move. It is considered the ultimate multisport GPS watch and i… Read more

I am in the same boat looking at the 5 plus or 735xt but you have to join to find out the exact discount :( any help would be great too. This code does onock the price of the plus down to 450 so hot for me


Anyone know how much discount I could get off vivoactive 3 music or forerunner 645 with nus?....just in case I should try and find an owner of one!


i'm guessing you are referring to the version with the titanium bracelet ? the one with a black band is £749 without the discount.


Thanks, I had a second look because of this. £999, reduced to £899 with the code!! It's cheaper on the official Garmin site (£949.99) and you can get the NUS discount (up to 40%)


There's a 5x plus one the site and the code should bring down the price.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music (Black Steel) - £200 (With Code) @ CW Sellors
-34° Expired
Posted 4th Mar 2019Posted 4th Mar 2019
Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music (Black Steel) - £200 (With Code) @ CW Sellors£200£2209%
I've been looking for one of these now they support offline Spotify, to replace my Samsung Gear Sport. The site are currently offering 15% off (applied using GARMIN15 towards the … Read more

I have this and have used both Deezer and Spotify. After a spotty start where Deezer wouldn't work for a few weeks when they first did the app (due to a bug) it is excellent. The watch itself is pretty brilliant. No idea why the cheapest price for it is being voted cold.


Awesome watch, but is often available cheaper. I got mine (VA3 Music) direct from Garmin for £179 when it came out last year. Still a heck of a lot of watch for £200. Even includes Garmin Pay if you're with Santander or Starling


I have the non-music version of this and it's great. Battery life is decent (seem to get around a week including a couple hours running & swimming).


It's an amazing price, Spotify and Deezer supported


Not sure why cold; looks a good price to me. Thanks for posting @simon.blay and welcome to hotukdeals.

Garmin Tactix Charlie Smartwatch £496.49 @ CW Sellors
-128° Expired
Posted 16th Feb 2019Posted 16th Feb 2019
Garmin Tactix Charlie Smartwatch £496.49 @ CW Sellors£496.49£64923%
Garmin Taxtix charlie smartwatch reduced to £551 but with voucher code GMN10 available to reduce to £496.49. guess this is a bargain as pricespy shows cheapest it has been at £613

So it still doesn't have any of the "Plus" features, like Garmin Pay, topological maps, and music playback?


Also has the sapphire crystal glass, makes this quite compelling to me.


The Garmin Tactix Charlie is basically the same as the Fenix 5x. It is just designed to be more 'tactical'. ie different metal case, and the display works with night vision goggles. And maybe a few extra features in the software. You can probably find a better deal for the Fenix 5x, especially now that the 5x Plus is available.


Can it play Crossy road though? Mine can.

Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic H70535131 £462 CW Sellors
172° Expired
Posted 15th Feb 2019Posted 15th Feb 2019
Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic H70535131 £462 CW Sellors£462£77040%
Absolute steal. 40% off so down to £462. Insane value for what you get. I’ve ordered from Jura in the past and they have been great. I would buy myself, but I already own numerous … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Just an FYI, 42mm in that case style is going to look big.




I might well take you up on that offer if the one I am meant to have coming falls through. (y)


Not yet, but please don’t put ideas in my head. I’m on the verge of getting a beating from the wife if I buy any more (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Have you seen the Inerstellar one? That's a nice looking one imo.