Just £4 for a paintballing day plus lunch for four people - various locations - Save 90%! with KGB
Just £4 for a paintballing day plus lunch for four people - various locations -  Save 90%! with KGB

Just £4 for a paintballing day plus lunch for four people - various locations - Save 90%! with KGB

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Thought this looked ok - you get the session and equipment hire which is normally around £10 each and a lunch for a £1. I think paintballs are extra on top but most places and offers are - the site quotes £6 per 100 paintballs which again isn't bad.
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Fancy a quiet day in a peaceful setting with a handful of your most sedate friends? Maybe you'd quite like to spend the afternoon a barge with a book and a flask of tea. Then again - they can go quite fast. Move over sloths! This Bank Holiday weekend we want you to get together a team of four for a full day of adrenalin-fueled fun.

Our kgb Agents have been out in full force to bring you one of our most exciting deals. For the utterly ridiculous price of £4, you and three others can a spend an entire day at one of the best Go Ballistic paintballing sites. For 90% less than the usual £40 cost of a full-day session, you can repeatedly blast your nearest and dearest 'til even the sun starts cowering. Come midday, you can all recharge with a free lunch so that you can continue stalking each other around the vast woodland and derelict hide-outs with renewed energy. All equipment is provided for you (in fact, please do not attempt to bring your own!) and you'll be fully kitted out in combat overalls - as is appropriate for combat of the mortal sort.

Whether it be friendly rivalry, a long-standing family feud or you simply love the idea of firing a state-of-the-art semi-automatic paintball gun, go to battle paintball style!

our kgb Insider tip:
If you want to defeat your friends and be victorious, don't give yourself a disadvantage by wearing insensible shoes. You don't want to be worrying about muddying your clothes either,so wear old ones just incase!


Seems like a good deal, 4 quid for 4 people for a rubbish lunch is a good deal anyways! good 6 months on it aswell, and paintballs wont be too expensive.

what is kgb ?


what is kgb ?

The name of the website and company


These deals are usally not as good as they seem. Checkout the price of the paint. My local paintball centre charges £5 per 100 or £40 per thousand. And thats all you pay for, tea and coffee are free, jacket spud with chilli, cheese and beans for lunch.

I've tried a few of these big chain paintball centres, we had 60 peaple per game....it was rubbish, try organising that many people. We arrived at just after 9am as instructed then didn't play our first game until 11.30

this is where they make most of their money from - the paintballs. the balls themselves run out faster than you think.
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