Just Cause 2 360/PS3 £24.99 Delivered @ HMV **back in stock**

Just Cause 2 360/PS3 £24.99 Delivered @ HMV **back in stock**

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Found 8th May 2010
With more stunts, vehicles and weapons than ever before and an incredible overhauled grappling hook, Rico returns to action in Panau, an incredibly detailed and vast 1000 sq km game world of different climates and ultra-realistic weather effects.

In 'Just Cause 2', you can leap from your plane and skydive from 10,000 feet down into a tropical jungle, tear across an arid desert in a dune buggy or climb your way up a snowy mountain in a 4x4. The vast open-ended, unique gameplay is back, allowing you full freedom once again to free roam and explore the massive world of Panau and tackle your assignments however you want.

With a new and improved air, land and sea stunt system featuring Rico's notorious parachute and grappling hook, taken to incredible new extremes and a massive array of new vehicles featuring an advanced driving model, players can now pull off some of the finest action stunts ever seen in a video game in a truly massive and beautifully rendered environment.


Original Poster SuperEd

Only £4.99 left to go :-D


Original Poster SuperEd

Mire Mare;8554934

Only £4.99 left to go :-DMM

lol you and your sub £20 club :-D

If you have a good imagination and lots of stupid ideas

this game will be worth every penny of £25

Christ, its worth every penny of £39.99

showing as £34.99 now (was £24.99 last night) so expiring.

just phoned my local store in blackpool and they're selling it brand new for £29.99 however.
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