Just Cause 2 for PC will all DLC for £13.44 - ACT FAST @ Zavvi

Just Cause 2 for PC will all DLC for £13.44 - ACT FAST @ Zavvi

Found 1st Aug 2010
Just Cause 2 for PC will all DLC for £13.44 - ACT FAST as this deal will expire overnight

As part of Zavvi's Mega Monday deal they are selling Just Cause 2 standard edition for £9.99. As part of the installation you will need to activate it with Steam, tying it to your account.

Steam are currently having a 50% off sale on Just Cause 2 this weekend, which is where you can grab the DLC packs for £3.45 (37-80p each).

The Zavvi Mega Monday deal will expire on Monday midnight,
The Steam deal will expire sometime Monday, depending on the timezone they have their servers set to. Assuming they allow for PST to hit midnight, it should be sometime around 9am tomorrow for us in the UK.

So you have about 10 hours or so to take advantage of this price.


not bad as steam have it half price at the mo.

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As I need to post a few of the links

Zavvi - Just Cause 2 - PC - £9.99

Steam - Just Cause 2

Steam has 7 DLC packs available, ranging from 37 - 80 pence under the current sale. This sale is one of their weekend deals, so will end when the weekend does. Since Steam is based in the US I assume this will remain valid until atleast the weekend ends for the West Coast of the US, giving us until sometime early tomorrow morning to take advantage of it.

This is cheaper than the previous deal posted the other day, taking advantage of the Steam sale, where it would have cost £16.96

Please check that the zavvi retail version can be used on steam as the dlc will likely only work on certain versions.

All retail versions require Steam. So you can only get the DLC on Steam.

Hairy muff, just thought i'd check as previous vers on things like gamer gate and steam were often incompatible with retail offerings.

Yup, I completely agree it was worth asking. Fallout 3 and Borderlands on Steam both offer DLC but they won't work with Retail versions.

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EXPIRED - The Steam deal has now finished, so the DLC is back to full price (£6.90 instead of £3.45).

The base game is still available from Zavvi for £9.95 until the end of the day.
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