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Just Cause 4 PC + DLC £5.99 at CDKeys
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Just Cause 4 PC + DLC £5.99 at CDKeys

Posted 20th Mar

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Just Cause 4 PC + DLC includes the base game and expansion packs.

"Pack your bags! In Just Cause 4 you’re headed to South America, to the huge open-world location of “Solis”. An evil paramilitary organization known as the Black Hand runs this part of the world, and their leader Gabriela Morales will stop at nothing to keep her power.

1,024 square kilometers of open-world playground is at your fingertips in Just Cause 4, ranging from dangerous jungles to bustling cities and magnificent mountain peaks.
Get ready to drive, fly, shoot, and explode your way through every exotic location in Just Cause 4.

Thanks to further improvements to the game’s physics engine, every extreme weather event in Just Cause 4 is interactive and can be used to pull off amazing stunts.

Your wingsuit and grappling hook give you the freedom to explore the open-world of Solis however you want. Soar through the sky, drop down on enemies from above, or rip a helicopter out of the air– use these powerful tools any way you choose in Just Cause 4!"
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Great find!
What is this like compared to JC3?
Haven't played this in a while, wonder if they have patched it up any. All the same its a fun jaunt especially at this price. Could never understand why the graphics look so ropey, compared to ''Call of the Wild', and using the same game engine no less.
Panthera20/03/2020 18:33

What is this like compared to JC3?

Not quite as much fun, but not bad, in my opinion. According to Steam, I've racked up 83 hours on JC3, which is from at least 2 playthroughs. I finished JC4 in 20 hours and don't expect to play it again.

Gameplay wise it's pretty much the same. Rico controls the same as in JC3 and if you enjoyed the grappling, flying and shooting then that stuff in JC3 then you'll probably like it in JC4.

I was disappointed that JC4 didn't have JC3's liberation mechanic (where you destroy sign/statues/fuel cylinders etc. to gain control of an area). It incentivised mobility and blowing things up, and encouraged me to treat the game as a sandbox. JC4 has a big map for you to get around, but outside of the main story it relies on (kind of same-y) side missions. You still gain control of regions, but it's done through fairly narrow escort or "go to A, now go to B, now go to C" type missions.
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