Just Cause - Xbox 360 - Region free and £23 delivered
Just Cause - Xbox 360 - Region free and £23 delivered

Just Cause - Xbox 360 - Region free and £23 delivered

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Just cause, basically a GTA in the jungle game is released at play-asia and is region free, £23 delivered.
Hurry though, as like the Saints row game, this will sell fast and go out of stock quickly.


Great find, have some rep on me

Aww damn, forgot you can't pay by Switch/Maestro! Looks like i've got the arduous task of going home to retrieve my creddy card this lunchtime.

Thanks for this, please let me know when they get more games in region free

I thought I got a good bargain from thehut with the recent 10% discount and it is being delivered today. Nevermind. How have people found Play Asia?

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Play Asia are very good, delivery is within the time specified and ive only ever had to pay a customs thingy once in alot of orders.
Keep your eyes open as Splinter Cell Xbox 360 should be region free, and that will sell out extremely fast. Obviously there is a strong possibility that Call of Duty 3 will follow suit. Dont forget that with every order, you will get a voucher for $5 off your next order, not much but it helps, also i got a nice pc demo and the usual play asia merchandise in the form of collectable stickers. They do take Paypal as well.

Thanks saintlymatt. Top advice. Hopefully Xbox 360 game prices will fall a bit soon anyway with the PS3 on the horizon and Sony's announcement about the reduction in the price of the console.


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No they have sold out, same thing happend with Saints row, i said be quick...lol.
Xbox games i dont think will drop in price anywhen soon, except for the new budget range (£24.99) which is coming out soon, but does feature some not great games apart from Kameo. If you want to try to make sure you get the cheap region free titles when they come out, just make a note of play asias release date for the game and check it on the morning of that date or night before. They are becoming so popular that most new ones sell out within a few hours, and at £23, theres no wonder why!!

Mine turned up yesterday. Only had an hour on it last night, but so far it looks very impressive.

Mine was from HMV when they mispriced it, so got it for £31.49 inc p&p.

Argh, it burns! Went to get my credit card and now it's sold out, boo hoo


How have people found Play Asia?

Have found they great. Spoke to them via e-mail and got answers next day (which considering they are in a different time zone is pretty good!) Delivery and game all perfect. V.Happy. Every time they get a game at that price il snap it up cos that will be cheaper than the new to launch £24.99 platinum range (and i dont have to wait a year to get it cheap)

Hi guys,
I made a post about this but it was removed for some reason or another:

lik-sang have this game for £20.47 delivered:

It was £26 when I ordered yesterday, so I cancelled and re-ordered!

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Its back in stock at Play-Asia also, £23 delivered.


Its showing up as £26.09 at lik-sang.
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