Justice league hot wheels reduced to 75p instore at Asda

Justice league hot wheels reduced to 75p instore at Asda

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2856143-JUxZH.jpgLabelled 75p on the shelf instore at Asda Sheffield handsworth2856143.jpg
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Gotta give it heat as its rrp is an exorbitant £2.99 but I just wish parents would exercise some common sense and refuse to buy them at £2.99 so they would have to drop the price , they are standard Hotwheels for crying out loud, with a franchise attached granted, but for a franchise sticker why would anyone in their right mind pay an extra £2 for that???
imho Hotwheels @the proper price of £1 are the best value toy/game ever, but these franchise runs are a hideous rip off...well worth 75p however
wheely good deal!
Hopefully they have a Wonder Woman one, from squinting at the picture it looks like the second one down....when I was a little 'un I carried this around with me everywhere...(she was really badly painted, but when you're ten you're less discerning)
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Yes there’s definitely a Wonder Woman. I’ll try and get a better photo of them
None in Smethwick 😞
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