JVC 20Gb hard-disk Digital Camcorder - £292 or less delivered
JVC 20Gb hard-disk Digital Camcorder - £292 or less delivered

JVC 20Gb hard-disk Digital Camcorder - £292 or less delivered

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Dixons has this JVC GZMG21 Digital Camcorder (with 20GB hard disk, 32x Optical Zoom, USB 2.0 & still photo) for £312 inc Free delivery

Use discount code "PERKZ20DIX" to lower the price to £292 delivered. Go through Quidco for 3.5% cashback (~ £9).

Main features: Upto 25hrs Recording, 20GB Memory Capacity, 32x Optical Zoom, 800x Digital Zoom, USB 2.0 Connection, Still photo facility, WEB Camera Function, Pictbridge Compatible, SD Card Slot, Image stabiliser.

This model features a 1/6-inch 680,000-pixel CCD, 32X optical zoom, Auto Illumi Light and can capture 640 x 480 stills. Thanks to new processing, the JVC MG21 also offers improved low light performance and reduced noise levels. Operation has also been enhanced with a new four-way controller mounted on the outside edge of the LCD. Pressing the four compass points on the circular control operates menu settings, manual controls and playback control.


Can't find any reviews on this. Specs look good considering that bargain price but what's the quality like?

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Found a review in Comparestoreprices.co.uk & I hope this helps.

I was looking for a camcorder to use primarily for holidays and … I was looking for a camcorder to use primarily for holidays and familymoments. I have bought this camcorder for that use only.when you buy the JVC Everio GZMG21EK you get the following items:-The camcorder itself, A battery and charger, a lens cap, Shoulder strap,instructions & guarantees, AV cables, a USB cable, a remote control (withbattery) and a disc of software. ( I bought mine over the internet socouldnt haggle in the shop)The camcorder is silver in colour and i cant believe how small it actuallyis. It fits perfectly into my hand and is not heavy at all.The camcorder uses a 20 gb hardrive as the recording medium rather thanthe tapes or discs alot of the other types do. So one big advantage is nothaving to go out and buy a load of tapes or discs to record on.You can record up to 25hrs of recording on the Economy setting. Thisshrinks to 4.5hrs on ultra (DVD) quality. This is continuous recording, soeven on the ultra high setting you can record alot more footage withouthaving to change discs or tapes than some of the other camcorders on themarket at the moment. The h/d (Harddrive) also has protective features onit to prevent damage if you drop it. This can be turned off in the menu,but unles your filming on a rollercoaster or something i would leave thison. There is also a slot in the bottom for an SD card You can switcheasily between the two mediums or set the camcorder to store movies on theh/d and photo`s on the sd card if that is what you want.The camcorder has a total zoom capability of 800x. 32 x optical and therest digital. I took mine out onto the beach and did some filming when ifirst bought it and the zoom works perfectly. When the camcorder is inyour hand the zoom lever is right by your index finger, and therecord/snap button is right by your thumb. The design is perfect for usewithout having to start fiddling with your other hand to find buttons.However i must point out that although the camera has an 800x zoom youcant use it all whilst just filming with the camcorder in your hand. Ifound that if i went past the 32x magnification i just couldnt keep thefilm steady. But you can also set the maximum zoom to 64x magnification.This does make it easier to zoom when your out and about.There is another function called Macrozoom, This is for filming thingsthat are quite close. The nearest you can be is 5cm`s and that is only ifthis is switched on.There is a 2.5` lcd display which folds out. It can also rotate through180 degrees and then fold back in to the camera. This is for watching andediting films via the camcorder itself.one bad point i did notice was there is no viewfinder on this camera. Youhave to use the lcd display. This is bad if it is sunny outside then theimage on the display is very hard to see. I was trying to film a windfarmthat has been built about 5 miles out to sea from the beach. I couldntmake out any of them when i was filming however when i watched it back onthe television they are as clear as a bell. There is an attachment you canbuy to block the sun but i havent got that. I must say the zoom performedexcellently there as the individual posts with the propellers on arereally clear. I couldnt see them clearly with the naked eye but the cameragot them, i could clearly see the propellers rotating.The battery that is supplied with the camcorder is dissapointing. It isthe smallest JVC do. It reportedly lasts for an hour, and you dont get aspare. They do put in an information leaflet that advertises the largerbatteries and the largest will record for 4hrs 55 mins. I took a peek atthe website and this costs £55.00. I find it disappointing that this isnot supplied with the camcorder as they do advertise the recordingcapability of the h/d as being 4.5hrs on ultra high quality. So you doneed this in order to accomplish that. I found you also have to charge thebattery while it is attached to the camcorder which could be a bit of apain.The leads that are supplied are mentioned above. The av cable allows youto directly connect the camcorder to your television and is easy toconnect. The usb cable allows you to connect the camera to your P.C. Thisis also very easy. They include set up manuals which are extremely easy tofollow in the box. The camcorder also has an S-Video connection thisallows better quality of transfer to your television. The lead is notsupplied with this camcorder though.The software supplied allows you to download your films to the p.c, editthe films or pictures and produce DVD`S. There is an excellent manualwhich has a step by step guide to using this software. I found that icould add voice overs or even add music to the background very easilyafter playing around with it for a short time.one worrying point was i found you do lose some of the quality when youburn to a DVD. I noticed a slight difference watching the DVD afterwatching the camera directly connected to my television. Now i dont knowif that is my computer or burner or the disc i use but there is a smalldifference.The camera can also film in 16:9 ratio. This is basically Widescreenrather than the 4:3 ratio of most televisions. Most of the new televisionsare now widescreen so this camera has the capability to film in thatformat. I havent tried this yet so i cant really comment on that part.In conclusion i am extremely happy with this camcorder. It does exactlywhat it says on the box. i am positive that the camera can do more thanenough of the things i want it and need it for. With enough that if iwanted to experiment with more complex filming i could do.At the £385.00 (inc delivery) i paid for it i am very pleased and wouldrecommend it to others of you who want it for the same reasons i do.Reviewed by: Reever Rating:5 out of 5 Date Reviewed:03May2006


Looks and sounds good edi, thanks

Thanks, that's a great review. I wasn't expecting much for the price.

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Thanks Cat :thumbsup:

willdashwood: There are a few more reviews around. I chose this because this review is more balanced and as a whole, the camcorder seems to be a worthy buy. :wink:
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