JVC AV28T5S - Ctv 66cm (28")16:9 Nicam Flat Inc Stand Silver - £176.59
JVC AV28T5S - Ctv 66cm (28")16:9 Nicam Flat Inc Stand Silver - £176.59

JVC AV28T5S - Ctv 66cm (28")16:9 Nicam Flat Inc Stand Silver - £176.59

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Ok, I know this isn't a deal for an LCD or Plasma, but a 28" tv at this price must be fairly worth a punt of some peoples money. Obviously it doesn't have all the current tech that new tv's have either.

28"(66Cm) Natural Flat WidescreenColour TV
20W total RMSoutput
TOP/FLOF Teletext (level 1.5)
Natural Flat
Hyper Sound
Supplied with Deluxe TV Stand
1 Year Parts Guarantee
/ 1 Year Labour Guarantee


I bought this TV a year or so ago for the mother in law. If you don't mind the size of an old CRT TV the picture is brilliant!

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Its the price that I think is the winner. I was given a £180 budget to find a tv for a friend, the closest lcd's I can find are 19" and 20" which are just way too small for a living room.

Study your areas Freecycle. TV's like this and better are frequently being given away every week.
Wait till one turns up if you can and save them from the landfills.

Unless you are a Plasma/ Lcd snob this is a great deal.
The picture on this wipes the floor with ANY LcdPlasma on the market.

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I was expecting a cold vote, mainly because most users on here won't want anything to do with tv's that aren't LCD or Plasma. Which I totally understand, I've got a 40" Samsung LCD myself and I wouldn't even consider looking at a CRT for me. However, I challenge anyone on here to find a brand new 28" tv at a better price than this and of a similar quality. For somebody on a serious budget I don't think this can be cold.

Heated. Good deal for anyone looking for a CRT. I agree that £180 will not get you an LCD of this size and quality. Not everyone can afford 42 inch Samsung LCDs so thats my reason for the vote.

The [COLOR=blue]32"[/COLOR] version is only [COLOR=red]£184.89[/COLOR] delivered at Dixons (using the £5 off voucher code)


Quidco at Dixons is also 3%

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The [COLOR=blue]32"[/COLOR] version is only [COLOR=red]£184.89[/COLOR] … The [COLOR=blue]32"[/COLOR] version is only [COLOR=red]£184.89[/COLOR] delivered at Dixons (using the £5 off voucher code)http://www.dixons.co.uk/martprd/store/[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccfkadeeekjkfdjcflgceggdhhmdgmi.0&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null&sku=085377&category_oid=Quidco at Dixons is also 3%

Thats an excellent price...well worth the extra £10 or so...good find!!!

...and I don't think its one of those dodgy deals that don't exist, as I postcode checked it (although thats still no guarantee!)

I have a 28" CRT (Lodos, which is rebranded Hitachi). Have been using it for the last 3 years, still works as new! Personally, I think the picture quality is better than the low-spec LCD's (not 1080p). Price is good for the JVC one (I bought mine for the same price though, 3 years ago), although the TV's quite huge and very heavy (almost 35 kg). Still a good deal, voted hot
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